Installed Vista SP1 some movies won't play

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by puma434, Mar 23, 2008.

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    Hi folks, I bought a new Dell 1720 laptop a couple of weeks ago and I just installed Vista SP1. Yesterday I was reviewing my movies to find out which ones I'd recorded the directors comment on by mistake. I found out that about six movies that I had recorded & worked on my TV dvd player and my XP computer - they show up as a blank disk on the DVDRWBD Bluray recorder in my laptop. If I select properties on the drive the disk is 100% used but does not see anything on the disk. I used CloneDVD2 to record them.
    I don't know if they worked on the laptop before I installed SP1 as I never used anything other than the original Spiderman 3 Bluray DVD to test the DVD recorder. I have it on now and it works great. The laptop does not have CloneDVD2 in it. Anybody got any ideas on this problem?
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    Do they still play in any other PC or your DVD home player? SP1 should not affect disc playback.
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    Dvd play Ok

    Hi thanks for your reply,Yes they play fine on all my players - TV & XP but unfortuneately not in the new blueray laptop with SP1
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    Tried PS3 doesn't work

    I just tried six of the movies that were giving me problems on my PS3 and it's Bluray the movie five worked on it. One movie (1) didn't work but the movie's special features disk (2) that was recorded at the same time played ok Weird!!