Install of AnyDVD Freezes (in 2000 Pro)

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (DVD issues)' started by ssfan, Dec 7, 2007.

  1. ssfan

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    I have been trying to upgrade to and the install freezes. I read, and followed the instructions in, a 20 November 2007 post titled "Problem installing both and 6.1.99" (both of which installed fine on my Win 2000 Pro machine), to no avail. After backing up keys, uninstalling, and running Ccleaner (with reboots between all steps), I have tried installing (a) by just letting the installer run, and (b) by saving the install file to my Downloads file and then running the installer from the saved location. In all cases, the minute the installer begins, it freezes. Also, when I click the "Show Details" button, all I get is a blank window. I will appreciate any help.

    I have just gone through and edited my entire registry, using regedit, to delete all enteries relating in any manner to AnyDVD (many of which were not cleaned up by Ccleaner...). I tried to install AnyDVD from the link in the above mentioned "Problem installing both and 6.1.99" posting. It still freezes without installing. Do I need to uninstall Clone CD (and clean the registry of its related enteries as well)? I thought I read the post to say I only needed to uninstall AnyDVD, clean up the registry, and make certain no Slysoft products were running, disable firewall and antivirus (I disabled Spyware Doctor, as well, just to be on the safe side). I also note, that I can not close the frozen installer program except by going into Task Manager. I know I must be doing something wrong, but can't figure it out. If anyone has any ideas, I would really appreciate it.

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    I don't have an answer to your AnyDVD problem but I can comment on CCleaner. It AIN'T all that great....especially in the registry cleaning area.
  3. Webslinger

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    CCleaner is very highly regarded, and more importantly, is safe to use for general novices.

    @ssfan, do step 4 from here please: click
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  4. mike20021969

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    why do you think it is not great for registry cleaning?
    do you think advanced windows care is better? (it does seem to find entries that ccleaner doesnt).

    what registry cleaner do you use that is free?

    (apologies if this seems to be going off topic).
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  5. waxman

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    Once again, time to dump 2K. It's old and out dated move up to something newer.
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    Thanks for all of your thouhgts and replys!

    I used Ccleaner, as it was in the instructions on the post I first looked at. However, I am quite comfortable with editing registeries and did so as a followup.

    On Webskinger's "do step 4 from here please", step four requests: "Download imgburn. It's a free program:". I burn with NERO 6 Ulatra (didn't care for 7 or 8, as 6 is even more bloat than I want or need). What does ImageBurn bring to the party? And, since the instructions say to insatll it after installing, and I can't get to install (it freezes at the beeginning of the install process), I can't get to step 4.

    As to Waxman's comment that it is "Once again, time to dump 2K". I am running XP Pro on the rest of my computers, but there are some apps I prefer to run in a 2K environment, so I keep 2K pro on that particular machine. For various reasons, I want AnyDVD on that machine as well. Will simply not install on a 2K machine? Do I need to go back to a prior build of AnyDVD?

    Again, thank you for all of your thoughts and comments. I greatly appreciate the help!
  7. Coaster

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    @ ssfan

    Currently running AnyDVD v6.3.0.0 on two Win2K Pro SP4 Computers without ANY problems. Been running the AnyDVD-CloneDVD software combination on these two Win2K Pro SP4 Computers for years without ANY problems.

    Everyone has their own opinion. If Win2K Pro SP4 were so ‘Old and Outdated’ Microsoft would not be actively supporting the Win2K Pro SP4 Operating System.

    It appears that you have some type of conflict error problem with your Particular Win2K Pro installation. On many occasions a ‘Windows 2000 Repair Installation’ corrects driver error problems. Suggest performing a Windows 2000 Repair Installation to correct your “Freezing” problem. The below Web Link details how to perform a Windows 2000 Repair Installation ->

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  8. ireland

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    i can tell ye it not anydvd thats causing the problem on 2000


    i am on your side,as i only use windows 2000 for ripping and burning dvd's as i am posting to you from it it now.and i do have a ton of programs installed.

    i installed anydvd 6300 with out a problem.on 2000.
    i feel there is some thing blocking the install for you,as proof it installed with out a problem on my 3-different 2000 computers just to test the install of anydvd,..and test burned a movie on each.

    i can tell ye it not anydvd thats causing the problem.

    look at this install date on this 2000 system, 2-18-02, how meny can say they have the original install of xp.
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  9. Yaris

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    There is nothing wrong with that version of AnyDvd. If your system has undetectable spyware or trojans, a dying hard drive, or a million of other possibilities, then this would be a great time to re-image your system and start over.
  10. Charlie

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    O have been offline all evening just to install Win 2000 Pro and I want to say for the record that there is no issues with anydvd I have all the updates for this OS as well. So check your antivirus and or firewall.
  11. Webslinger

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    It gives you the capacity to display your filter information easily for me to look at (in addition to a bunch of other things that I don't care about at the moment).

    Yes, you can. Just follow the steps listed in step 4.
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