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    Problems with Endeavour season 8 DVD's. Was also flagged by a blu-ray user. See attached log files.

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    Wrong section, topic moved. Please read the forum section names. That's a dvd, you're in the BLU-RAY section. 'problems with DVD's' which problem would that be exactly? Redfox staff aren't mind-readers nor do they have crystal balls.
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    Was posted under DVD, don't know why you see it in blu-ray. Don't log files tell you what's wrong? Same problems as for Grantchester season 2, which you say you fixed. Quality rating low, CRC errors reported by CloneDVD2.
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    No it wasn't, hence the redirect currently present in Blu-ray section to here. I moved it. I didn't say anything was fixed. Pete did. Please provide the EXACT error message CloneDVD gives you.
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    CloneDVD2 sees more episodes than there actually are on a single disk, resulting in a quality assessment of 88% (contents won't fit on a DVD-DL disk), and then reports:

    F:/VIDEO_TS/VTS_20_6.VOB: read error
    Data error (cyclic redundancy check).
    If reading the media has failed (etc.)
    [File 1 F:/VIDEO_TS/VTS_20_6.VOB 23 PictureReader]

    This is a PBS-authored disk. It shows the identical symptoms as Grantchester season 2, which I believe you fixed previously. It's likely the same root cause.
  6. James

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    Grantchester season 2 (and 20-30 other titles, too) was fixed with AnyDVD Protection is similar, so if you upgrade to AnyDVD or better, all should be good. You can use the trial version to check it out.
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    It's about time that rumor was put to rest!

    So...what kind do they have?
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    The really big ones.
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    cant believe i missed the version number lol. 7690, nice catch james
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    Imagine that.