Indiegogo campaign for 64 bit project

Discussion in 'ReClock' started by James D, Sep 17, 2018.

  1. James D

    James D New Member

    Dear James, why wouldn't you start an Indiegogo fundraising campaign for 64 bit project? This will ressurrect Reclock providing financial boost for programming. It might pay for some new development ideas you had in mind but considered timewasting as it wouldn't be payed back.

    Also, people would vote with their wallet. Promotion of project should be fairly easy with doom9 forum and other + social network.

    Just set starting goal to ~5k and lets see.
  2. Morkrah

    Morkrah New Member

    This needs a bump so I'll do it!

    I'd pay to support the development of a 64-bit version!

    With 4k becoming more and more common 64-bit would give a nice boost for those of us that like to use madvr with reclock!
  3. el Filou

    el Filou Well-Known Member

    I'll redirect you to that post from nearly 3 years ago:

    If James has already not wanted to further develop ReClock for years and is only fixing bugs, I doubt he would want the additional work that would come with doing a 64-bit version. I suspect it's in part because he's not using it himself for playback anymore (IIRC he's not using a PC at all).
    My hope was he would open source it at some point but there may be obstacles to doing that as he took over the original author's code so maybe he is not allowed to legally? Also, you'd need someone else to take over the dev work and I'm not sure there are devs that are interested in that, it really is a niche piece of software.

    FYI, MediaPortal Audio Renderer is open source, exists as a stand-alone DirectShow filter, and also supports 'reclocking' so it would be a good candidate for development. At the moment the binary release is 32-bit only, its property page crashes when I try to access it from MPC-HC (it works from MP's own config tool though), and its clock sync feature seems to only work inside of MediaPortal itself and not when used by another player (I guess it depends on other parts of MP like 'dshowhelper' to function?). The source is here if you're interested:
    Maybe someone who's good at DirectShow could fork it, patch it so the reclocking function also works with other players, and make a 64-bit version of it. Good luck!
    (Edit: you could also try to donate to the MediaPortal project and ask them if they'd be OK to make their renderer work as a stand-alone 64-bit ReClock-like replacement, maybe they'd do it)