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  1. wilbert

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    trying to rip the incredibles 2, no success, any beta version over the 8.3.0
    .0 of Any DVD HD?
  2. wilbert

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    the ripping process goes up to the 13%, and got this pop up message "Filel0 3 VTS_08_1. VOB 614656000 405504" Can you send me instructions on how to send you the log? Thank you
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    @wilbert, could you also let us all know what you were using to create the rip? Were you ripping to ISO, to MP4, to MKV, maybe using the ripper built in to AnyDVD, or ImgBurn, or MakeMKV, or CloneBD, or...? It would make it easier for someone here on the forums to help you out if we knew a bit more about what you're using and the order you're doing things in.


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    I was trying to rip to ISO, using the AnyDVD ripper. I'm attaching the log file for this US zone version. Thanks

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    Topic moved. That's a DVD logfile, and as such doesn't belong in the Blu-ray section. On top of that you're not supposed to use the anydvd ISO ripper on a DVD. AnyDVD gives you that warning for a reason.

    That said, the logfile indicates read errors



    194.11s: read sectors failed, sense 3:10:0 // **** <unknown>
    224.03s: read sectors failed, sense 3:10:0 // **** <unknown>
    253.95s: read sectors failed, sense 3:10:0 // **** <unknown>
    286.69s: read sectors failed, sense 3:10:0 // **** <unknown>
    406.69s: read sectors failed, sense 3:10:0 // **** <unknown>
    436.59s: read sectors failed, sense 3:10:0 // **** <unknown>
    474.13s: read sectors failed, sense 3:10:0 // **** <unknown>

    253.95s: read error 3323663 to 3323664, max 3774754, io->read_error 0

    However, since this is a new release, there is a chance that it's a new unhandled protection. @James will need to look
  7. James

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    Your disc and / or drive is dirty and / or defective. Sorry.