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    Guys, i'm a long time user but have never had a problem with a disc where a fix hasn't already been posted lol.As a result, i don't know how to post logs. When i start the movie in clone dvd it stops at 21% before the burn process even begins. I tried clone cd and it stops at 31% that way. I did not see any mention in the forums so i posted this in hopes of a fix. I'm using
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    Best is to post log file-You right click near rt. bottom near time and date on anydvd and create log file and attach it to post. This disk is out about a week now and -you probably have a bad disk!! Without log file -there is not much help available- Try a different disk if you can. Added make sure your region is selected in device manager without anydvd running.
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    No Problems with this one for Me. Region 1. CloneDVD2 main movie only. AnyDVD