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  1. SamuriHL

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    Not sure if this is a CloneBD issue or not but figured I'd ask here anyway. Disney ATMOS tracks are a real pain in the ass it seems. I don't know if it's the seamless branching that causes issues or what but I have a hell of a time bitstreaming the ATMOS track after ripping to MKV. Essentially the audio drops completely at one point, and if I restart the movie I get the audio back but I get drops, sync issues, and various ugly problems. I've attached the CloneBD log just in case there's anything in there that might show a problem. I've also reached out to nevcariel to see if it's a LAV Audio problem but I don't think so because even decoding the TrueHD portion to PCM shows whacked issues. Disney titles seem to be the most problematic. I have issues with Coco, as well.

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    I thought i might have been going crazy till i saw this post. My lossless conversion to MKV has a near identical issue to this post. At around the hour mark the audio starts to get choppy/unsynched/then drops out. Unable to replicate this watching the preview player, but was able to replicate the audio issue (lossless MKV playback) on multiple machines (PC/Shield). The only thing that seems odd is there is a separate track for DD+ 7.1. Don't commonly see that separated out by itself.

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  3. SamuriHL

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    Yea I tried another rip and added both tracks. I haven't had time to see if the DD+ 7.1 track has issues, too. I also tried ripping with MakeMKV just to see if that was any better. It wasn't.
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    I have a look.
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    Thanks, Fabian. Let me know if you need anything.
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    Feelin the pain,This movie was pretty good. I got 47 minutes into the movie and sound was out of sync and tried different ways no luck. other try's no sound at all with some different measures?
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    Yea, that's the issue we're working on here. This ATMOS track seems to be rather troublesome.