Inability to get copied dvd to write to blank dvd

Discussion in 'CloneDVD' started by Teresa McCullough, Aug 30, 2019.

  1. Can someone tell me why a copied dvd will not write to a blank dvd?
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    Copied how? With what? Error message? What brand and type of blanks are you using? What's the disc's media identifier code? What drive are you using? What firmware? What speed stress tired attempting to burn at?

    ... Too much variables, too little info. Sorry our crystal ball is still broken.

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  3. I am using plain jane dvd-r's. It was working fine yesterday and some how it just wont take the dvd I copy and transfer it to the blank dvd. I must have set up the write file incorrectly or something. After the dvd is copied when I try to get the data onto the dvd itself. It says writing but doesn't write anything.
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    Sorry, but 'plane jane' means nothing when it comes to discs. There's a reason specifics are asked. Without that info, we can't help you.

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    On the "Source and Output Method" screen in CloneDVD, under the Output Method, is the "DVD Writer" highlighted, or did it get switched to DVD Files or ISO/UDF Image?
  6. Optimum DVD-R 16x4.7GB/120min dvd. I just ordered them from Amazon. You are extremely rude by the way. Thought I would let ya know that.
  7. I believe it is ISO/UDF
  8. Attached you will find what I am showing. Can someone please take a look at it and tell me what is wrong with Clone DVD

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    There's nothing rude about that, they're simple questions that need an answer before we can properly assist you. But the blanks might be part of the problem.

    Do you have imgburn installed? If so, insert one of those blanks, go to 'explore' mode and look for something like 'dis mc identifier' or 'media identifier', that's what I'm after.

    The thing is, that brand used to be top knotcj until they sold / stopped their disc manufacturing business. Unless I'm mistaking, they're now cheap crappy blanks.

    Now the other part is, according to image 1, clonedvd is looking for DVD files from the source in the temp file directory. They're not going to be there, because that's where it copies them to before burning to the disc.

    The 'source' for the video files is wrong is the other most likely cause. Clonedvd is looking for files in a directory there are none, until the burning process starts.

    What's your source and where is it located? (Physical disc or hard drive directory?)

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