Improving ripping speed...?

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    [Any DVD Ripper] Issue with ripping speed......?

    I remember having speeds at around 8-9 MB/s using the Any DVD Ripper for BDs.
    Recently I noticed I just get around 4 MB/s. I'm using the Pioneer BDC 202, with XP Pro SP2, on a Gigabyte X38 board. Any DVD is the latest version. When using the Windows Commander or the explorer I get the feelings it copies faster. But I prefer using the Any DVD Ripper especially in the case of BD+.
    Is there anything you can do to improve the speed? I also tried on my second system partition with a different software setup with the same results.
    Maybe there is something I can do about?? Looking forward;)

    It's just that slow when using the Any DVD Ripper!
    Maybe some software or driver conflicts with anything? Perhaps someone can help.....
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  2. Xtrap1979

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    Nero Speed told me it's 2.00X´. I always thought the BDC 202 was 5X?
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  4. Xtrap1979

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    Unfortunately there isn't such an option in my BIOS..(

    Check here
    It only reads 5x for single layer. For DL it can only read 2x...(

    Nevertheless, I have the feelings that it used to be faster some time ago. It used to be like 60 to max 90 minutes for a BD.....??
    I just tried a disc that I already ripped. It says something like 240 minutes (in Any DVD ripper). I remember it was like 70 minutes.
    If I copy it using the explorer it just says 60 minutes.
    Could it be an issue with the Any DVD Ripper or an incompatibility with any part of my system software?
    Need some help here please.....;)
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  5. damnskippy

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    I have not looked before and don't have anything to test with at the moment but is AnyDVD multi threaded to take advantage of dual core CPU's?
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    I use iso burner and it to runs at 1.8x

    I didnt think there was any dual layer blu-ray disc or am i wrong.

    5x would be nice.
    Havent tried to rip it without anydvdhd running.
  8. Xtrap1979

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    For me it's only when using the Any DVD Ripper. Copying via Explorer or WC works much faster. Don't know what I'm doing wrong?
    I know the discs used to rip a lot faster a couple of weeks ago. What folders do I need to copy for BD+ again?
  9. Adbear

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    A lot of films are out on Dual-layer discs
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    Same here, 3.5h for a DL disc. Btw, whats the reading speed by 1x? 4MB/Sec? 2?
  11. Adbear

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    I have the Sony Writer and never takes more than 90 mins to rip a dual layer film (usually closer to 60mins or less)
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    1x equals about 4mb/s afaik. So 2x would equal about 8mb/s. The Pioneer BDC 202 reads Dual Layer BD's at 2x speed.

    I have ripping speed issues as well on a W2k3 Server machine. The drive is supposed to read at 2x, but I keep getting 4mb/s, even for Single Layer BD's. That is when I use the Anydvd Ripper. If i make an image with Nero directly from the BluRay drive then I get the speed I am supposed to get. Based on these facts I am afraid the problem is Anydvd related.
  13. Xtrap1979

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    Yeah, I guess it's Ripper related. Let's hope it wil get fixed or least somebody can tell how to fix in case it's up to my system.....
  14. iceman3099

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    I doubt it is AnyDVD related because I have also a Pioneer BDC-202 and I haven't experienced the problem even with the newer titles and with all the versions of AnyDVD so far. ( never exceed 84min for a DL BD )

    motherboard : ASUS Commando
    CPU : Xeon 3060 ( same as E6600 )
    Gigabyte 8800GTX