IMGBURN and DAEMON 4.11 ISO wont play

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (Blu-ray issues)' started by soundsnake8, Jan 1, 2008.

  1. soundsnake8

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    I am new to blue ray and hd dvd iso mouting. I have used
    DVD ISO's and had no problem. But I have a couple of ripped blue ray files (Spider Man 3 and Black Hawk Down) converted to iso with imgburn, mounted with daemon 4.11 goes to virtual drive M. using PDVD 3319a will not play it just sits there after I double click on he virtual drive. Am I missing something? any help would greatly be appreciated!

  2. YaniD

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    Double-click relies on file associations I think. To remove this from the equation, start PowerDVD manually and then select virtual drive M from within PowerDVD (might also have to click on the play button).

    If it still doesn't work, then make sure you can play the title properly from the original disc with AnyDVD running: if it works okay from the original disc, then you can Read the disc with imgburn (via AnyDVD) and be assured the created iso should work too.

    One should always ensure that an original disc plays okay with AnyDVD running before making an iso: sometimes the "remove first play title", "remove all menus" or "renumber highest .xpl" options in AnyDVD must be adjusted before things will work and this should be carried through to the iso.

    Don't make my mistake of experimentally modifying the .xpl files with AnyDVD
    "magic file replacement" facility and then creating an iso (unless the modified .xpl files work properly): it always uses the modified files, even if a disc is removed and then re-inserted. I had to delete the AnyDVD title entries in My Documents and then re-insert the disc before I got a clean unadulterated .xpl file to backup as iso.