ImgBurn 'Optimal L1 Data Zone Start LBA: None Found! (VTS_01)

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    NO idea then. That's really whacked. :/
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    Interesting ... ImgBurn2320 will 'see' the DVD-ROM when it is in my Plextor PX-716A (f/w v1.10) but not when it is in my Pioneer DVD-106 (f/w v1.22).
    DVDD3540 had no such problem 'Read'ing from the Pioneer.

    Oh well, at least I know I can try the ImgBurn / AnyDVD Read from the Plextor.

    Could be a while before I get back to this thread with my results, gotta press ahead with other duties.

    Thanks SamuriHL for all your help eh?

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    No problem. Good luck! I hope you get it sorted out.
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    Alrighty then ... having sorted out my choice of h/w (Plextor PX-716A [f/w v1.10]) to Read original commercially produced DVD Video discs as MDS/ISO file pairs to my HDD using ImgBurn v2.3.2.0 in conjunction with AnyDVD (updated 05AUG07 to version, now, I can get back to my ponderings about the original source disc type(s): PTP vs. OTP, and, the difficulties I encountered Writing DL+R discs using ImgBurn2300 mentioned at the beginning of this thread ...

    Upon re-examining Deadwood - Season 3, Discs 1, 4 & 5 (using PlexTools Professional V2.35 --> CD/DVD Info - Type:), I find that they are:
    'DVD-ROM ,2 layer(s) (PTP)' ...

    I wasn't positive about the disc type before, now I've confirmed the three titles mentioned above as PTP ... apparently, PTP type discs present layer break problems when writing the MDS (/ISO) file (pair) to DL+R writable discs ... so I have been told by Lightning UK and others over at the ImgBurn Support Forum.

    What would be the best strategy to employ to overcome this PTP layer break writing issue? In the past, I always found writing DL+R discs using ImgBurn to be a straightforward process ... this is something else again.

    TIA, FFF
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    Grab you a copy of CloneCD. The best thing I've ever used for DL backup. One program does it all, well AnyDVD in the backgroung of course. No muss, no fuss!
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  7. Frankenstien

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    Hey Spanky ... thanks for the help ...

    I have CloneCD ... would I be 'Read(ing) to File' or 'Copy(ing) CD' the original disc?


    P.S. Webslinger ... am reading your thread now ... thank you!
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  9. Frankenstien

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    Webslinger ... OK ... I read through your thread 327 and have confirmed with ImgBurn2320 that my Plextor PX-716A burner defaults to booktype DVD-ROM when blank Verbatim DL+R media is inserted ... just gotta update CloneCD to 5305 beta ...
  10. Spanky

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    Copy the disk, I use the same drive for reading and writing. The program will take care of the image in a temporary file. Burning "on the fly" is not advisable however that why I use the same drive for both operations.
  11. Frankenstien

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    Webslinger / Spanky ... got CloneCD beta installed and am using it on 21 day trial basis ...

    Have followed Webslinger's thread 327 and have just completed burning one of the PTP titles ... will have to view the burned disc and see how it works ... will get back to this thread with results in a bit ...

    Thanks for the help eh?

  12. Frankenstien

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    ... well ... one sample disc I've burned with CloneCD seems to work fine ... doesn't hang midway thru playback where the previous one did ... thanks so much guys for the help with this.

  13. Webslinger

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    You're welcome! :)
  14. Frankenstien

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    Webslinger, further to your recommended use of CloneCD's Copy CD command to get around the PTP layer break issue(s) I encountered with DVDD3540 (& AnyDVD616x [now v6170]) / ImgBurn2300 (now v2320, to Read a PTP type DVD-9 [DVD-Video] disc to ISO/MDS file pairs / then Write them to DVD+R DL media [which apparently can only be written as OTP type]) ...

    ... in the course of discussing purchasing CloneCD from SlySoft Support, I have been advised by Chris Gonzales the following:

    (me:) "Am I correct in assuming CloneCD is dealing with the PTP issue for me
    effectively when I use the Copy CD command?"

    No, CloneCD cannot override the physical capabilities of the drive and the

    CloneCD is famous for placing the layer break correctly when copying from OTP to OTP, but the PTP break cannot be placed on a (OTP type) dual layer blank.


    I just wondered if you had any further thoughts on this subject given the above ...

    ... I've only superficially tested one of the three PTP discs I CloneCD 'Copy CD'ed and it seems to playback fine through the scene where the first ImgBurn'ed disc was freezing (presumably at the layer break), however, given what Chris had to say, it sounds like I could still run into trouble with PTP type discs ... as I acquire and back them up using the CloneCD Copy CD method.

    Chris pointed me to this thread (especially post # 4) at Clxb CD Frxxks.

    Whatcha' think?

  15. Webslinger

    Webslinger Retired Moderator

    I only recommended Clonecd insofar as I think the backups will work. Chris' comments, to the best of my knowledge, are correct.
  16. Spanky

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    Here is a pretty good “How To” for setting your layer break position. Much of it is software specific to this company but there is a lot of really good information and instructions selecting a point especially if attempting converting parallel tracks to opposite.
  17. DetroitBaseball

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    Does not matter where the layer break is.
  18. Frankenstien

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    Hey .. thanks Webslinger - was just curious if I had a good handle on this thing now ...

    Spanky, that link you provided looks like a good primer for me (haven't read through all of it just yet) - thank you for that.

    DetroitBaseball ... could you elaborate a little on your post? From where I'm sitting, $2 coasters are to be avoided and it seems to me the layer break position does matter. What exactly are you saying?

  19. DetroitBaseball

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    I don't believe it matters where the layer break is, meaning you don't need to use CloneCD to preserve the exact layer break.