Image doesn't fit on destination disc!

Discussion in 'CloneCD' started by Kamiota, Dec 7, 2007.

  1. Kamiota

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    Could be a retarded question but I am having trouble fitting the disk on to a double sided dvd. I get this message "Image doesn’t fit on destination Disc! Space available: 665 MByte (65:54:0 Min:Sec:Fra) Space required: 683 mByte (67:41:20 Min:Sec:Fra)"

    I know it says I need a little more space but I am sure it is more related to User Error than to a disc problem.

    Any ideas????

    clonecd ver 5310
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  2. Webslinger

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    What are you attempting to backup? A game? A movie?

    Is the original disc a cd?
  3. Kamiota

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    it is an "Interactive DVD faa knowledge test course" I purchased the dvd and it says that I can only install it on one computer so I would like to have a backup in case the hard drive fails. I think it is a mixture of video and classroom training.
  4. Kamiota

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    original dvd, should i try dvd copy instead of copycd?
  5. Webslinger

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    Are you sure the original is a dvd? Based on the space used it seems like a cd to me. And in that case, you would need to use a blank cd to back the disc up.
  6. profcolli

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    These are DVD-based test preparation courses for pilots (like the one below): PPEC DVDPC HELO
    At that price level (368$) the need for a backup is understandable....

    Seems more like it is trying to fit onto a cd-r (or a cd-rw with some data already on it) instead of a "double sided dvd" :confused: .

    Are you choosing the correct output drive (DVD Writer) with your blank DVD in it? Or are you trying to use a DVD-RW without erasing the data already on it? Check with Windows Explorer to see if it already contains data. If it does (assuming you don't need the data anymore) use the CloneCD icon #4 (with the eraser) to erase the dvd-rw before trying to copy your dvd to it.
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  7. Webslinger

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    What's occuring in Clonecd then doesn't make any sense. You see there's only one profile for dvds, and this would be the method to (try to) back this one up (if the original is a double layer disc): click
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  8. James

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    You can ask CloneCD to overburn, or use a 80min CD-R.
  9. pseudo555

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    Right, There are two main kind of cd : 650 Mo (74min) , and 700Mo (80min) (you can also found 800Mo as 90 Min).

    You probably use the 650Mo, so try the 700 Mo.
  10. Kamiota

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    and the blind shall see...

    Thanks for all the help. I looked closer at the dvd that I was trying to copy, the one labeled DVD disc #1 and decided to read around the doughnut hole, it said it was a cdr, so there in lies my problem I was trying to do a direct copy from a cdr to a dvd dl. Sorry guys for all the confusion, I knew it had to be user error. I also had the wrong cd 650mb, I found a few at crisis city and I am back in action.
    Thanks again