I'm using Memorex +R DL blank media and wondering why I'm having problems

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  1. esimpson1

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    Hello... I've been noticing on dual-layer disks, after the layer-switch during the movie, I get a lot of pixelation. In some cases, so bad the movie will freeze and I can't watch it. Sometimes, it's not THAT bad and I can at least see the end of the movie.

    This has happened on several movies -- some fairly old, some brand new releases. It does seem to get to the point where the layer break is.

    This has happened on two separate DVD Burners so I'm guessing it's not a problem there. I'm using Memorex DVD+R DL 2.4x discs and I checked to make sure the firmware was the post up-to-date. The drive is a TS-H653A SATA DVD Burner from Samsung, I'm assuming.

    Would love to get to the bottom of this since virtually every DVD ROM being shipped now is DL.
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    Memorex is your problem. Get some quality media.....i.e. Verbatim
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    Thats the only brand that should ever be used for DLs.
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    I used to use those same discs for my DL backups and had the same problem you are having. I also had a read/focus error while burning the disc right after the layer break resulting in an unplayable DVD. Verbatim is the way to go. :agree:
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    I have used every brand under the sun (Ritek, Memorex, etc.) until discovering Verbatim. Like everyone else has commented, Verbatim is the way to go... I've burned about 300+ DL's of these puppies with zero failure...knock on wood...

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