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  1. jadan2000

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    Here is my scenraio

    1. i have anydvd
    a. i put a hd-dvd in my xbox360 hd player and had anydvd scan the drive. Then it ripped the dvd in a folder that i designated.

    2. Now i want to play this hd dvd from the folder i just designated.

    3. i open up power dvd ultra and it doesnt see the files!!

    Now im pretty stuck as this is my first timedoing anythingliek this.I am praying that someone can give me some detailed info as to why power dvd doesnt see the files,and what i have to do to be able to pay HD dvd's and Bluray dvds from my HDD
  2. RedFox 1

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    That is a PowertoDVD Ultra problem. It is a known issue. They will have to fix it.;)
  3. rcm999

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    It almost seems like your issue may be with PowerDVD, but let's make sure first you didn't create an iso. If you did, PowerDVD won't be able to see it. You'll need to convert those over to a playable format. At least that's what I've had to do.

    Now . . . When you open PowerDVD, what are you trying to play? ie: "Open Media Files" or "Open DVD files on Hard Disc"? That'll make a difference too. Power DVD is a great player, I swear by it, although others swear AT it. :D But you have to be rather specific with it. If you convert it over and put the files on your HD, select "Open DVD files on HD", and all you need to select is the root VIDEO folder. Again, this has been my experience. Good luck!
  4. jadan2000

    jadan2000 Active Member

    1. What files am i converting?
    2. Whats the best format to convert it to?
    3. Am i going to lose my HD quality if i convert the files?
    4. What should i use to convert?

    When i open power dvd i am trying to "open dvd files on hard disk" but i have tried both and neither of them work.

    So is everyone who is ripping hd and bluray dvds having to convert the files to another format or is this a selct few people who get this issue?
  5. jadan2000

    jadan2000 Active Member

    does it only happen with hd dvd'sor with blu-rays as well?
  6. Adbear

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    If you've ripped the HD DVD to hard drive and end up with folders then you need to be running PowerDVD 7.3 build 3319a. That is the last build that works with HD DVD or Blu-ray folders. anything later won't allow you to play the disc as a folder from the drive
  7. jadan2000

    jadan2000 Active Member

    ok gotcha. what practices are being used to put the files in an hd quality format?

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