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    I will attempt to make this both brief and clear.

    I have AnyDVD and CloneDVD on a dying computer, windows 7.

    These were purchased many, many, many years ago.
    The bank accounts and email addresses I used at that time are LONG gone.

    I would like to know PRECISELY in detailed steps, how to:

    !. Find the license keys for both

    2. Get them working on a NEW computer, with Windows 10.

    I'm not tech savvy, so want to be careful not to do anything that would prevent this from working
    on my new machine.

    It is REMOTELY possible someone on the SevenForum can help me get rid of the BSOD on the old machine, so I don't want to do any sort of damage to those copies.

    I have no idea whether my license PERMITS me to move the license to a new machine.

    If you choose to answer, please speak as if you were talking to a person who never
    saw a computer before in his life.

    Thank you.
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  2. mmdavis

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    1. The license keys were sent to you in an email. You may, or may not, have moved/stored those in a different location on your computer. No one but you has any way of knowing that.

    2. Just move the keys to a location on the new computer where you know where they are. Download and install AnyDVD and CloneDVD. You can then double-click the license keys to activate, or go to: Start/Redfox/AnyDVD/Register AnyDVD and browse to the location you put the key(s). If you have an older Slysoft license, you would substitute Slysoft for Redfox. For CloneDVD : Start/Elaborate Bytes/CloneDVD2/Register CloneDVD2.

    3. There is absolutely no issue in moving to a new computer, just make sure you don't have both AnyDVD/CloneDVD actively being used at the same time on both computers.
  3. Heimdall

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    You initially got your keys via email. Search your email account(s) for message(s) from either orders@slysoft.com or orders@redfox.bz. The CloneDVD key could be from either, depending on when you ordered it. If the AnyDVD key is from the slysloft email, you may want to consider getting a new key. The Slysoft issued keys won't work with newer versions of AnyDVD which means you may have issues decrypting newer discs.

    If you found the emails with the keys great. You can skip to the next part. If you didn't find the keys, open the This PC (My Computer) screen where it shows your C drive and the other various drives available... In the upper right corner, below the minimize/maximize/close options, you should see a search bar. Paste/type *.CloneDVD there to search your entire computer for the CloneDVD key (the * is a wildcard character that repersents any number of characters - this search will return any file that ends in .CloneDVD). Change the search term to *.AnyDVD to get the AnyDVD key. Once you've found them, copy them to something you'll be able to access on your new computer (a USB Flash drive, external hard drive, your preferred cloud storage (Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox, etc), email them to yourself, etc).

    If you can't find the email or the files on your computer, you'll have to get in touch with Redfox and hope they can send you the keys again.

    Once you have the keys, log into the new computer. Come here to the download page and get the install files for the current version of AnyDVD and CloneDVD. Install them on your computer (double click on the downloaded file & keep clicking OK/Next). Once the program is installed, you can double click on the corresponding license key file (after having downloaded it from the email or retrieved it from the USB drive or however you brought it over from the old computer). You should be presented with a small window asking if you want to add data to your registry. All you need to do is click Yes and that should be it for installing the license.

    Once both have been installed (you can do so in either order) licensed you should reboot your computer, for good measure. Once your back up and logged in, you should be good to go.

    Just make sure you are not using AnyDVD and/or CloneDVD on both the new and old computers at the same time.

    I hope that helps. If you need anything clarified or whatever let me know ...
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    These were purchased many, many, many years ago.
    The bank accounts and email addresses I used at that time are LONG gone.
    What I need to know is, in detail, where inside Windows 7 to look and find the license.
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    Thank you.
    I followed your instructions as best I could.
    The search did find things named "key" for AnyDVD and CloneDVD, but I really don't know what I am looking at.

    I copied to a flash drive, but you don't tell me EXACTLY WHERE on the new computer to put this "key" stuff.

    You wrote,
    "Come here to the download page and get the install files for the current version of AnyDVD and CloneDVD."

    There is NOT any "download page" anywhere on this forum!
    I had to go to Google and take a guess, confusing.
    downloaded something that put icons on the desktop.
    When clicked on they say "This version is not licensed. Please install a valid license key. Request trial, Order, Exit"

    Great. HOW?????? HOW do you "install a license key" ?
    No instructions given.

    I strongly suspect you are using a different version of Windows.
    I am using Windows 10, and I DO NOT SEE the things you describe.

    You write "double click on the downloaded file and keep clicking Ok/next"

    First of all, WHERE is the "download file"?

    I right click on a desktop icon that says AnyDVD, and select properties.
    This gives an obnoxiously complicated path to find the file.
    I go there, and double click the listing AnyDVD as you say to do.

    You say, "keep clicking OK/next"

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    Your license key file is best not kept on the same drive where you're installing any of these applications. While all you have to do is double them, I think, to install your keys, it's not good practice to keep them exclusively on the drive where you installed the program(s). If you ever have to replace the drive, format it, or replace your PC, if the key is stored ONLY there, you'll lose it. It's best to keep it on a flash drive where you know where you can access it in the future or do like I do. I have a Western Digital USB HDD with a partition on it that stores all of my installer files. My AnyDVD key is kept in a folder on this partition. That way I'll know where it is and I won't lose it. While I believe I also do have my key file saved in the AnyDVD installation folder, it's only a copy of the file for ease of access.

    As for the "download file," I'm guessing they're talking about the executable you downloaded to install the application. e.g. the installer. You would have had to have downloaded it somewhere locally on your end in order to run it.
  7. Ch3vr0n

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    U don't have access to the old emails anymore at all? And by that I don't mean the actual email account, but the emails themselves. Did you connect the now defunct account to Microsoft outlook? Because if you do, you could try to search within outlook itself.

    If that fails, try to search for '*.AnyDVD' (or .AnyDVDHD depending on which version it was you had). The same applies to *.CloneDVD (don't search for key*)

    If you bought Clonedvd from elaborate bytes (instead of slysoft) they might be able to resend your clonedvd key.

    Unfortunately redfox can NOT assist you in key recovery for keys bought under slysoft. They don't have access to the customer/key database.

    Their might be a way to dig through the registry but I don't know the location. Maybe @James or @Pete can assist in that matter.

    They said, slysoft keys only work up to 7695, anydvd v8 and above REQUIRES a redfox key.

    As to installing the key itself if you manage to recover it, that's simple.

    1. Install matching software
    2. Place key FILE on desktop (with an the icons)
    3. Double click the file
    4. Done

    And topic moved to license section, the anydvd section is for disc troubleshooting. And please don't crosspost in multiple topics across multiple sections.

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    I copied the files from the old computer to a USB drive, then copied them to the new computer.
    The files are still saved on the USB.

    Double clicking on AnyDVD.exe results only in this error message, as already stated:
    "This version is not licensed. Please install a valid license key. Request trial, Order, Exit"
  9. noneya

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    No, i have never stored email anywhere, I have only accessed it via an account such as yahoo or gmail. I have never used Outlook.
    If you had read my posts, you would know that I already did perform that search, and already did find "key" files.
    I copied them to a flash drive.

    As you suggested, I placed them on the desktop.
    CloneDVD appears now to be launching correctly, but without AnyDVD, is worthless.

    Strangely, there was only one "key" file for CloneDVD on the old computer, but MANY "key" files with the AnyDVD name.
    Clicking on each one of these always brings up the same error message:
    "This is not a valid license key"
  10. Ch3vr0n

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    It's not a valid license key because as I said, redfox issued anydvd requires a redfox license key. (Due to the forced shutdown of slysoft by the Antiguan authorities)

    Your slysoft license only works up to version 7695.

    You now have 2 options, install the old slysoft anydvd 7695, or purchase a redfox anydvd license. That's it.

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  11. noneya

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    Ok, how would I "install the old slysoft anydvd 7695"?

    This really is confusing.....AnyDVD still works PERFECTLY and NORMALLY on my old computer, the one that is dying from BSOD......but it won't work on my Win10 computer. Why?

    Options? You are ASSUMING that I have $120 US dollars to spend buying something I should already own. Buying another license isn't an option. This really sort of stinks.
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  12. Ch3vr0n

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    Check the version that's installed on the old machine? Is it v8.0.0.0 or higher?

    7695 https://www.videohelp.com/software/AnyDVD/old-versions

    And I'm not assuming anything, I'm just saying that if you don't manage to get the key file, those are the only 2 options to get anydvd back into a (semi) working state (because many of the servers the slysoft anydvd relies on got shut down along with slysoft)

    Nobody liked the shutdown by the authorities, but they're (MPAA/aacs LA) the one that took your and everyone else's license (including mine) with them.

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  13. Heimdall

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    Follow Ch3vr0n's advice.

    Boot up the old computer and check to see which version of AnyDVD is installed on it. You'll be able to see by moving the mouse over the fox icon down by the clock. If it is (or lower) then you likely still have a Slysoft license key and never upgraded to a Redfox key.

    If this is the case, come back to the new computer and uninstall AnyDVD. Follow the link provided by Ch3vr0n and download version (or earlier, match the version installed on the old PC) and install it on your new computer. Once that's done, try the AnyDVD license key. It should (hopefully) work.

    If it does, then you can continue as you were on your old computer. Just know you won't ever be able to upgrade AnyDVD past version unless you get a new license key. It sucks having to buy something again like that, I know... But sometimes you just gotta bite the bullet... If you can't afford $120 you can always opt for a cheaper annual license rather than a lifetime license. Or keep an eye on the site. I'm sure there will probably be a sale going on in the very near future for either Black Friday and/or the various end of the year holidays. Don't forget the license keys are how Redfox makes their money and allows them to stay in business and constantly updating the AnyDVD app... They do a great job, IMHO their hard work is worth skipping going out one or two nights (stay home and watch a DVD instead).

    If your old computer is running version 8.x.x.x you have to have a newer Redfox key somewhere. The file you are trying either isn't the actual key. If you had bought a Slysoft key earlier (like I did) maybe your trying to use it instead of the Redfox counterpart. Check for a newer email (2017 or newer). If you can't find it, you should be able to get in touch with the customer service team at Redfox and they should be able to help get you a new copy of your key.

    If the old computer has or lower installed and it doesn't register on the new computer, then whatever you have isn't the actual license key. Check your emails and files again... Hopefully, you can find it, cause otherwise, your only real option will be to get a new key. Someone might be able to let you know which bits of the registry from your old computer you'd have to backup and import into your new computer to get AnyDVD registered... But backing up the registry would probably require slightly above average computer skills... You may want to get assistance with that if it comes to that...