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    I have a odd question, so why isn't it illegal to buy these programs when they are used for backing up movies...just wondering. Also if I order from Canada, are they any extra charges that anyone is aware of, and shipping..
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    Backing up movies that you purchased, for personal non-commerical use, is not illegal in Canada at the moment.

    No. Except the prices are in U.S. funds. You're just downloading the programs. So why would there be a shipping charge?
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    Really? Cool, I was never exactly clear on that. I love my weird, leftist little hippy country... even if it does have a crappy, conservative government at the moment, lol.
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    It's not illegal in Canada to circumvent a technological protection measure to access and use content for a personal backup--unless something similarly inane like Bill C-60 is tabled and passes.

    Since it is not illegal in Canada to circumvent a technological protection measure to access and use content for a personal backup, the individual or business granting the licence can not turn around and sue successfully without breeching someone's right to make that backup--unless something akin to the inane measures outlined in Bill C-60 passes (and this doesn't just apply to the special music case of having to pay levies for blank media). As such, I cannot believe any Canadian court would bother listening to any company, business, individual or group whine about an individual backing up a product he or she bought for personal, non-commercial, non-distribution purposes--until something similar to the Liberal party's Bill C-60 passes.

    If you're interested in doing something pro-active in Canada, visit

    Slysoft, by the way, is physically located in Antigua, which is a DMCA free zone.
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    Sweet thanks for the info, for some reason when I was on the page I saw boxes, so I just assumed that they would be shipping stuff, and now my very last question is, what if I ever reformat my puter, can I still use the code that gets emailed to me....I am probably purchasing tomorrow :)
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    The things you actually use to register the software are downloadable registry keys. All you need to do is back up those key files to a CD, DVD, etc. and you'll be able to re-register the products after a reformat.
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    That and you can also do this if you buy them:clap: