if you're not seeing *everyone* posting about the same issue

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  1. chances are it's your computer.

    I've been inclined to post this in numerous different threads where I've experienced the same issue but that would obviously be darn near endless.

    I've experienced playlist issues, truncated downloads issues, etc. sometimes it just requires restarting the program, sometimes restarting the computer. considering I run the computer 24/7 and it was a bottom-of-the-line pre-made dell ithat I bought a handful of years ago it's not really surprising to run into the occasional issues. I do however not run any but anystream on it which I'm sure helps. also no antivirus or the like which are obvious resource hogs most akin to the viruses they're meant to prevent.

    so if you run into a problem and don't see a thread on it where numbers of peopel are all posting that they've had the same issue (like the one affecting the amazon interface a handful of weeks back) you should probably assume it's on your end and the culprit is your computer / unnecessary software and try the go-to tech support responses of "have you tried restarting the computer" etc, etc.
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    Considering Anystream is still in the early stages, it's actually better to post on the forums with an anystream logfile and NOT assume it's something wwith their computer or unnecessary software. Software you might think is unnecessary may be vital to them, that doesn't mean there's an issue with their system. Providers may have changed something on their end breaking anystream and if ppl dont report about it, it can't/won't get fixed.
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    I almost always refer people to the below page when they write bug reports, paying double attention to the "So I loaded the disk on to my Windows..." part: