IDE/SATA Busmaster drivers (uninstall, reinstall if you have problems)

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    I think this also probably applies to some problems people have getting Anydvd to work properly.
    Obviously, if everything is working properly, don't do this.

    Sometimes even updating the drivers helps.


    As a piece of trivia, Olli (from Elby) is, of course, the orginal author of Clonedvd and Clonecd--and also co-developed the original AnyDVD for Elaborate Bytes AG.
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    Luckily I don't have an ugly wife and my cat is in good health...I'm hoping this takes care of the sour stomach and the headache though. Good info.
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    Upgrading drivers for AnyDVD to work

    I tried it but when I went to the device manager, there was an IDE ATA/ATAPI controller, not the name that was in the description. When I right clicked on it, none of the controllers were Intel/Via/Nikita. There were two primary ones but the others were totally different than the ones sited in the directions.
    Example: INTEL(R) 82801FB Ultra ATA storage Controllers 2651. Have no idea what this means but I'd like to find out what I do
    There was also another INTEL (R) with another bunch of words after it. I can follow directions but when names aren't the same as in the directions, it throws me and I'm afraid of making a big mistake.
    Any suggestions as to what controllers I should upgrade?
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