Ice Age Blu-ray has newer protection.

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (Blu-ray issues)' started by markjdye, Mar 7, 2008.

  1. markjdye

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    I ripped it to the hard drive using Any HD-DVD , then used the newest Nero to copy back to Blu-ray. The first problem is the TV displays a screen stating that my player isn't up to date. (When you play the factory disc, that screen didn't pop up. The menus play fine, even all the special features play fine, but try and watch the main feature, Ice Age, and all you get are stills and scrambled pictures. The soundtrack plays perfectly as if nothing was wrong.
    H-E-L-P !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think it has to do with a new folder called BDSVM. This folder contains another folder labeled BACKUP which contains three files labeled, 00000.svm, 00001.svm, and 00002.svm.
  2. DonCarlos

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    That is not a new protection. This protection is called BD+. Wait untill Slysoft has finished the Bd+ crack until you can backup your BD+ movies onto a BD-R. You should could play them from the HDD by using PowerDVD 3319a.
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    Hey markjdye, what all can the newest Nero do with HD data? From reading the info at their site I can not really tell. Will recode work with BD and HD-DVD to let you convert it to other formats now? Say an ipod or a dual layer DBD+R or even better an HD-DVD to a BD. This is of course removing the encryption.
  4. hddvdsupporter

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    nero cannot remove the copy protection of hd-dvd or blu-ray movies. you can only work with non protected hd-dvd or blu-ray files (so you need anydvdhd to remove the copy protection)

    new nero 8 has a lot of tools for blu-ray and hd-dvd.
    you can watch hd-dvd and blu-ray movies , you can make mini hd-dvds, you can burn blu-ray movies..

    if you got a xbox360 and some hd-dvd movies, you should try windows movie maker! you can convert a hd-dvd in *.wmv format with 1440x1080 which should fit on a dvd+r dl. Works perfect!