I want to buy a license. I'm not sure about lifespan of my investment

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    Hi. I spent hours reading this forum, but many things still remain unclear to me regarding RedFox AnyDVD HD licensing. Among others, I read this:

    - AnyDVD HD 8+ cannot be cracked due to need of online connectivity, both when activating the license and decrypting any disc
    - things change from year to year: what was valid two years ago is not valid today
    - Slysoft was closed down and many customers were left with unusable software
    - in October 2019, AnyDVD Protection Database was released for offline use
    - RedFox is under pressure from authorities and who knows how long they will be around here

    It is diccifult to find out what the real and current situation is. I remember a friend using AnyDVD HD in 2012 and being unable to decrypt old mainstream Blu-ray titles offline at that time, namely Training Day released in 2007 and Any Given Sunday released in 2009 – both required access to Online Database, which does not work anymore. I'm not sure whether later AnyDVD HD versions from Slysoft fixed the issue, but if not, then he bough a license that does not allow him to decrypt these discs released long before he bought his license. I certainly do not want to get in that situation.

    Here are my questions:

    1) I can understand that when RedFox team break up and its servers go down, I will not get updates, no matter if I buy lifetime license. But will I be able to still use the software to decrypt discs released before October 2019, even when there will be a need to reinstall Windows or change hardware?

    2) Let's say I would buy one year license today instead of a lifetime license. When 2021 arrives and my license gets expired, what will happen? The software will completely stop working? Or I will just be unable to decrypt discs released after 2021? Or I will be able to decrypt only those discs that my AnyDVD HD copy already recognized?

    3) Is it true that one license can be used on more than one computer, if AnyDVD HD is not used on more that one computer at the same time?

    4) Is there a list of (un)supported FullHD BDs or FullHD BDs that require online connectivity?

    Thanks for your answers and thanks for what you are doing. AnyDVD HD is an essential tool for every HTPC owner. The way movie studios make it difficult for us to consume our legally obtained movies on PC, that's just unacceptable.
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    1) Most discs will still work (DVD / Buray)

    2) AnyDVD stops working

    3) You are allowed to use it on 2 computers

    4) I don't know
  3. Ch3vr0n

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    No you're not, not by the license agreement. However, it's generally condoned if for example you install it on a desktop and laptop for example, as long as they both don't use it at the same time. And don't go installing it on a few dozen either.

    4) no, but afaik all bd+ protected discs require the opd and usually new releases. For the rest of just speeds up decryption (I could be wrong though)

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  4. James

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    With the optional offline OPD download, ALL non-UHD discs will work.
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    OK that's even better.
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    Thanks for you answers, but it's not clear to me how AnyDVD with optional offline database can work without RedFox servers and at the same time detect that I use it on more than one computer at the same time. Also, how do developers prevent cracking their software if they allow to make it work offline? To be clear, I'm not interested in cracking AnyDVD. I'm interested in buying it and be sure it works with current and older FHD BD discs even when RedFox shuts down. I don't want to cry wolf here, but developers call themselves outlaws and we all know how Slysoft ended...
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    If the server is gone AnyDVD can' t connect yo the database.
  8. Ch3vr0n

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    And that's what the 'offline database' is for. It's a copy of everything that was in the opd at the time of release. When installed, anydvd checks that first. If there's no data for that disc in the local database, then it connects to the online one

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  9. James

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    We trust our customers.