I purchase a licence for a year and got 5 months instead.

Discussion in 'Purchase and License Keys' started by bobrpggamer, May 27, 2021.

  1. bobrpggamer

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    I purchase a year for AnyDVD HD on Sun, May 23 and look at the info page on my AnyDVD HD.

    <snip>sensitive info removed - Ch3vr0n<snip>

    What exactly is going on with this?
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    You should not have your personal email or name on the image that you posted.

    Hopefully a Moderator can edit your picture.

  3. Ch3vr0n

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    AnyDVD uses a common licensing practice that there can be NO gaps between an expired license and renewing. License periods run consecutively. Going by the image licensing update period ending on september, and we're now May. That means there's May>June (month 1), June>July (M2), July > August (M3), August > September (M4). You got 4 months left. Since a year has 12 months, that means your license has been expired for at least 8 months before the renewal date.

    Since as stated above, there cannot be any gaps between update periods, 8 months of your renewal was applied to cover that that gap, and you have 4 months left. This is EXPLICITLY STATED ON THE PURCHASE PAGE RENEWAL SECTION!

    . I have no idea how you could have missed that, as it's 2 paragraphs above the "renew your subscription" button

    Contact customer support through the main website (this is a user to user forum, that staff does visit), explain that you overlooked that paragraph. Maybe they'll refund the purchase, and you could then purchase a ENTIRELY NEW LICENSE (do not renew again). That new license will then start for the full year.
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    I never thought of that I will fix it myself.

    @ Ch3vr0n, makes sense but its the first software I am aware of that does that. So if Purchase a license in September I will get a year, weird but not much I can do about it.
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    @Ch3vr0n fixed it for you, but just always remember to never have sensitive info posted on the Internet.

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    Thank you letting me know, I was not thinking.
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    Hi Bob,

    Do yourself a favor and just get the Lifetime license. I assume you've used this long enough to see value in the product for many years to come.
    Plus it will save you the heartache of having to remember this for the next time, and perhaps the next time after that.

    Hopefully Customer Support will be able to get you square you away. (y)
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