I need to backup a backup.

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by purplexed, Jun 17, 2007.

  1. purplexed

    purplexed Well-Known Member

    Before anyone says anything I want to explain.

    I use labels on my dvds and I labeled one wrong. So in the future could I just backup a copy of the backed up dvd? or will I have to go to the closet and sort through 1200+ original dvds?

    If I can how can it be done? I tried NERO some time ago but i ALWAY got an error on the new copy...

    Input would be great.
  2. ZO1

    ZO1 Well-Known Member

    You can use CloneCd, it works well for me. Also, you can use CloneDVD as well. I must say, nero and "Sonic record now" have also worked well for me.

    Hope this helps:)
  3. purplexed

    purplexed Well-Known Member

    For whatever reason I thought that CloneDVD could not copy.

    I am testing that method right now.

  4. jvc

    jvc Well-Known Member

    A copy should copy just fine. If it won't, you may have gotten a bad burn, on the original copy.
    What kind of label? Paper? Peel it off, and clean the glue off. It's not the easiest thing to do, but worth the trouble.
  5. purplexed

    purplexed Well-Known Member

    yea paper labels..
    I tried, i got some "googone" or whatever it is called. i got about 90% of it cleared, but i gave up.

    what are some other options that you guys use to label these dvds?

    I want to go paperless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. ZO1

    ZO1 Well-Known Member

    Inkjet printable DVDs seem to be safe. I use a sharpie. Has worked well for me.
  7. oldjoe

    oldjoe Well-Known Member

    Any DVD burning software should make a 1:1 copy.
    Labels are NOT good! Use a Shapie pen or get an printer that can do printable media.
  8. schbusdrvr

    schbusdrvr Active Member

    For making straight 1:1 back ups I use Sonic Record Now. It works like a charm.

    And for my use I just write on them with a Sharpie to title them. I don't trust paper labels to not gunk up my players.
  9. purplexed

    purplexed Well-Known Member

    If you guys saw my handwriting you would understand why I dont use a sharpie.


    Anyone use the printers that directly prints onto the dvd's?

    if so what model do you use?
  10. ZO1

    ZO1 Well-Known Member

    I have used an Epson RX580 (a friends) that works great!
  11. customshopkv1

    customshopkv1 Well-Known Member

    I have an RX580 and it works great. I just lay the original on the scanner glass and hit copy, and you have a perfect copy.
  12. RAMROD

    RAMROD Well-Known Member

    use goo gone extreme it will remove all of the label