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    i have a sony 710 burner, win xp, lastest versions of sly fox and dvd copy 3. I have copied many dvds with no problem. every once in a while lately: after I copy, when I layback the copy, I cannot get rid of the directors commentary. THIS IS ONLY CERTAIN MOVIES. any ideas?:bowdown:
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    Yea...been a few of those. With CloneDVD, select Copy Titles, not entire disc, then uncheck 2 channel audio. Pretty sure that's where the Director's comments are. Select 5 channel and you should be set. Preview the audio channels to make sure.
    If anyone has better info, please share. Been awhile since I ran into this and am not 100% sure my suggestion is completely valid, but think so. :confused: Also seems like I was successful by using rip feature on AnyDVD without Clone.
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    I am not familiar with this product, so I can't be of help.

    But your problem has nothing to do with Anydvd. The solution is found in dvd copy 3.
    It's possible you're selecting the wrong audio or something.
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    Thank-you, This Worked