I have figured it out !

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    I have figured it out ! that there are some people that just shouldn't be tring to back a movie up LOL.......ripit4me,DVDDecryptor,fixVTS & shrink . i have back up all these movies that are problem movies with these programs and they are free. If my friend can use these programs anyone can.
  2. oldjoe

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    Congratulations. :D They always work for me too.
  3. RedFox 1

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    Yes, it might work but there is a big time factor involved, if you have the time for this program it will work, but for me " Time is Money " and when you factor in th cost factor of CloneDVD2 and AnyDVd vs the time you are losing using this program, for me its not work it. Everybody has different prioritys.:clap:
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    Time is not a considering factor for me.............price is.

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    SlyFox 1, it takes me 30 minutes to back up the complete DVD with these programs. This is to long ? The DVD isn't going to go bad. We are just backing our movies up not producing a product line.. so what is the hurry?
    And to most of the people here the price in the main thing. I use anydvd myself. When you start having to pay 39.00 for this program and then 39.00 for this other program just to back a movie up. when some of the new movies anydvd dosen't even help with, I am goiong the free route.... whats 30 minutes ?
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    What's 30 min? Time I -don't- have!

    I agree with SlyFox1 - I prefer an matched system of products that I'm sure works and if for some reason it doesn't I know it will be fixed very quickly - all I gotta do is report it and wait for the fix.

    Shrink, DVDecyrpter, etc. aren't even in development any more so there's no tech support . . . ya gotta problem it's up to the users to figure it out. RipIt4Me has it's share of problems . . . check their support forum, the word "crashed" seems to be predominate!

    To each his own, if I have a problem I want to talk to the guys who authored the software and I want a stable piece of software that doesn't crash all the time.

    What's 30 minutes, or who knows how long searching the net for a solution to a problem on an unsupported piece of software? Time I -don't- have!

    What's fourty bucks? About an hour's labor out of my monthly paycheck . . .

    The latter seems to be the more reasonable solution.

    If you have tons of time you can waste on such endeavors, but don't have the money to just pay the professionals then maybe you should enroll in a community college and see if you can't increase your skills and marketability so you can afford to pay the professionals?
  7. Webslinger

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    It is for me.

    If I can do something in approximately 20-25 minutes instead (and I'm talking about +R DLs--not SLs), with good burn quality, then why wouldn't I want to? That frees up my system much more quickly so I can get to doing what I want to do (which is not spending my time backing up movies).

    You can get the full Slysoft suite for $79 right now (4 programs) using the coupon code. I have no idea what you're talking about.

    Using Anydvd+Clonecd exclusively handles all region 1 movies at the moment. Name one that doesn't work.

    A waste of my time. You have to remember you're just talking about the time for 1 movie. What if I have 100+ movies in my collection that I want to back up?

    I have nothing against Ripit4me. I just choose not to use it, because Slysoft products do a better job for what I want. If you want to use Ripit4me and Shrink, that's fine.
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    I echo Webslinger and slyfox_1 on this, ripit is a good alternative if ever needed, I just wonder where these freeware programs are going to do when there is only BD or HD content in general? They may be working on it now or later but I highly doubt it'll be good as the bundle packages you can get here, free is fine but sometimes free means I'm a tight wad and don't want to help no one unless it's a free solution! Like I said they may be working now or in the future for HD content we'll just have to wait and see. As for forums saying this and that well I beg to differ on these findings not that it doesn't say what you say it's saying but the fact of a support forum you'll see about 100 bad posts to one good one on a rough average. All software has it's problems this we must remember. Just my 2 cents worth.
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    After Dawn

    I am all new to this and been trying it for 2 weeks. Frist thing i tryed was DVDDecryptor,shrink,. There was 50 things to do or more to get it to work in all 3 stages. Some one helped me to go throgh it or i was last there was so much to do.I got AnyDVD ClonDVD And CloneCD and the frist time i tryed it i did what i won'ted to do and 2 times faster. We like our stuff here and its easy to work i now ill try to play with other things and try to learn but for now i like the old Slyfox Fivestones :bowdown:

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    20-25 minutes. 5 minutes ? give me a break. lol...I'm not downing your products and i may need to buy them in the future but for now i will keep using the free products except anydvd, which i use all the time except when it and shrink won't back my movie up.. i think you guys at slysoft do a great job and i hope you keep up the good work.

    But i can't see buying 4 products when i only need one which would be DVDClone which buying it alone is $39.00. thats where i got the 39.00.

  11. Charlie

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    34.00 right now using the coupon.
  12. Webslinger

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    You're talking 30 minutes for a single layer disc. Try a DL disc. Actually, download Clonecd as a free trial, use Verbatim +R DL, and then compare. It's night and day--not just 5 minutes. Now multiply that time saved over 100 discs.

    You can do whatever you want, obviously, but don't attempt to make the time difference insignificant, because it isn't.

    Ripit4me plus switching out to imgburn is not as fast or as easy as simply loading Clonecd with Anydvd running in the background.

    No. Clonedvd2 and Anydvd bought as a package costs $68--not $78. When you add the coupon, the bundle is $58.
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    yeah ,but i already have anydvd.
  14. Webslinger

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    You know, you can drag and drop the video_ts folder using anydvd, and then run it through fixvts, when you encounter the Sony junk--if you prefer using Shrink. This is a solution for the main movie only (or use anydvd ripper).

    You can also use Nero Recode, if you happen to already own Nero 6.6 or higher.
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    thanks webslinger..
  16. oldjoe

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    Standard DVD's are going to be very available for quite some time so that really shouldn't be a pressing concern. The major concern is encryption methods surpassing their abilities. That is more of a reality.
    I find it hard to believe we will be seeing a major surge in Blu-Ray for some time at $500 to $700 for a burner.
  17. Charlie

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    Good points but was referring to HD-DVD's too which I'm in favor of.
  18. Clams

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    For me it's not so much that, it's that before Saw3 two weeks ago all we'd hear is that AnyDVD would work with anything out there to back up a DVD. Over the last two weeks, there's been a tremendous marketing drum beating from The Sheep to buy CloneDVD to solve the problem. So I lay out another $35 for CloneDVD and what if next year another new problem comes out? Will marketing have a third program to sell me then for another $35??

    Thanks... I'd rather wait for the "James Gang (tm)" to examine Saw3 and decide what if any permanent fix/patch they are gonna do with AnyDVD to allow it to continue forward.

  19. oldjoe

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    Let me make it more clear: Reread my post.........substitute HD-DVD for Blu-Ray...........Same point.
  20. RedFox 1

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    I don't suppose you read this.
    Maybe it does not answer your question directly but it shows that James is looking into all options.