I have Anydvd HD my computer is being fixed.May I use this older one I have the Keys

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Oct 5, 2015
Region 1 Springfield Oregon .AnyDVD HD was working great . I have Windows 7 but I want to do what is right
The Computer I originally got is being fixed ,I wont get it back until around the first of February .I have my old computer in the exact place ,hooked up to the same Company(comcas) using exact same Modem
I have lifetime AnyDVD HD it worked great on my Computer thats being fixed
So I havent put anything on this computer before asking if it is ok
So I have not put the AnyDVD HD Lifetime on this computer but .The computer plays blu-Ray but doesnt burn I am using my old Computer it doesnt natively write .
I have my Samsung Se-506 though I wanted to wait to ask if it is alright ,or not
Thank You rsder
Wrong section, license questions are a few floors up. That said, generally is fine to install on a few computers as long as long 1 of them has anydvd active and running (fox tray icon active) at any given time. Though your keys won't immediately get blocked if for example you used them on a desktop and laptop. Just don't use them on a few dozen computers or make then leak to the net :)

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