I got nero to convert an EVO to AVC, kinda?

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    I was reading through all these guides and they are really complicated.

    I have been using evodemux to combine my main features to a single file which is working really great.

    I also have a folder called extras that I throw any interesting things in there like the making of Oceans 11 and such. These files usually end up just being Mp2 files with 2 channel DD+ in an EVO container. I really wanted to condense them to a smaller size, but the things that I have read to do have been daunting to me. OMG! I really hate using command lines - I am a spoiled point and click guy.

    Just like any noob I tried loading the ripped MP2/DD+ EVO extra with Nero 8' Nerovision but found I got a video with no sound. So I tried demuxing it with evodemux and of course got sync issues.

    After not being able to get eac3 to work, I decided to fool around with nero again.

    I loaded the EVO like I did before and had no sound. For kicks, I decided to load the demux ddp file that I produced and to my amazement, everything is now in sync. I ended up exporting it as a file to Nero AVC standard keeping the 720x480 format and it reduced the size by 75% using a 1250 bitrate.

    Has anyone else tried this strange work around? I haven't seen it here

    It also gave me the options to upgrade it to 1080p AVCHD, but I would only use that for feature perhaps.
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    720x480 is not 720p btw, its just dvd resolution.
    dont be confused by the 720.

    720p is 1280x720 :)
    and 1080p is 1920x1080
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    Nero and eac3to

    give eac3toGUI a trial and put all your program and sound files in the root device (c:) Make sure to set the path to the eac3to.exe file in the settings of the GUI. Rename the *.dd+ file to *.eac3 an convert to *.ac3.
    Have fun

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    what do you mean loaded the ddp file? thats just audio. how did you remux the two together?