I Give Up, Looking For Cheapest Blu-Ray Burner Suggestions Please!

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (Blu-ray issues)' started by Octavean, Feb 25, 2008.

  1. Octavean

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    I’d basically like it to be able to burn:

    BD-R 4x
    BD-R DL 4x
    BD-RE 2x
    BD-RE DL 2x

    I can be flexible on the speeds but I want BD DL burning.
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    I am just getting into the HD stuff myself, but being a Plextor user and never had any problems with hardware before I am going to wait and get one of these for my next PC I am building.

  3. Ozzlander

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    try the LG GGW-H20


    It can be had on Ebay for around $350 new and does dual-layer BD burning - full specs in a pdf file here...


    But the write speed specs are as follows:

    BD-R 6x Max
    BD-R (DL) 4x Max
    BD-RE 2x Max
    BD-RE (DL) 2x Max
    DVD+R 16x Max
    DVD+R (DL) 4x Max
    DVD+RW 8x Max
    DVD-R 16x Max
    DVD-R (DL) 4x Max
    DVD-RW 6x Max
    CD-R 40x Max
    CD-RW 24x Max

    Hope that helps
  4. over-killer

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  5. Octavean

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    Very nice,…

    Thanks for the suggestions everyone!!! I’m sort of leaning toward the LG GGW-H20 and I was expecting to pay in the ~$400 range although I wanted to go lower then that so ~$350 isn’t too bad.

    Does anyone who has this drive know what version of PowerDVD comes with it? I’m sure it’s a truncated OEM version but I was curious as to version number.

    Thanks again,…

    BTW, any other BD drive suggestions?
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    I like mwave as a distributor too. Too bad I already ordered from newegg. Thanks for that though hopefully it will help someone else who is looking to buy.
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    The -L model adds Lightscribe burning capability. I'm not aware of any plans to make Lightscribe Blu-Ray blanks.

    With respect to Newegg, save yourself half a Ben Franklin and go with NowDirect (if you can wait a couple of weeks for backorder).
  12. AGJ

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    The LG blu-ray/hd dvd rom sata model GGC-H20L is $299.99 at www.newegg.com
  13. hpmoon

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    This thread topic is burners, not readers-only.
  14. Octavean

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    Thanks for all the responses so far. The LG GGW-H20L seems to be a very popular hardware solution and reasonably priced based on what some other competing products cost.

    Still, I’d like to know what version of PowerDVD this drive currently ships with,….typically. So can anyone who has this drive report on what version came with it? I’m sure the bundled version will likely vary over time but I’m really curious as to whether or not the included version will be problematic.

    Also, out of a purely academic interest, does the install of this version of OEM PowerDVD Ultra 7 require that the drive be installed first? In theory, one could run a more recent version of PDVDU7 on one system and an older more user friendly version on another system.

    Also do people prefer the other Cyberlink bundled software for burning to other software packages or is it some truncated version? I have Nero 8 Ultra Edition so that’s why I ask.
  15. AGJ

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    sorry my last post I mentioned the LG GGC-H20L it just a reader not burner. sorry again everone