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I can't buy with Visa. What is going on?

Discussion in 'Purchase and License Keys' started by mstrong, Nov 19, 2016.

  1. mstrong

    mstrong Well-Known Member

    In the last 24 hours I have tried to buy your software 5-6 times using two different Visa cards. I called my bank and made sure that your retail names is authorized. Regardless, the transactions are still being declined. When I called my bank back they said the card was declined due to an expiration date that was wrong. I tired again on each card making sure that the expiration date was right. The transaction is still being declined. What is going on?
  2. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL

    Which error are you getting? Error 66? Your bank is blocking the foreign transaction (likely due to the chinese payment processor). Your bank needs to authorize the transaction. There is no way you can authorize any "retail names", as RedFox doesn't have any retail locations or retail products.
  3. mstrong

    mstrong Well-Known Member

    Sorry, that is what I meant. My bank has authorized the foreign transaction payment processor.
  4. Ivan

    Ivan Admin Staff Member

    I guess your problem has been solved, right?
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  5. mstrong

    mstrong Well-Known Member

    YES! I am very happy with the resolution. Thank you so much for taking care of me.
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  6. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL

    keep in mind on your statement it won't say "redfox" it will be something obscure like u were told on the 4/4 page like "fashionmall"
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  7. FurryGuy

    FurryGuy Well-Known Member

    To add to what Ch3r0n said, there may be an additional fee added to the final total on your statement. Around 4% of the total to RedFox.

    So if your final cost to RedFox was, for example, US$100, what may show on your statement is a total of approximately US$104.

    In my case, two separate purchases, my credit union added on a "foreign currency transaction fee" of 6% each purchase.
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