I Am Legend

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    My PowerDVD isn't working, but I can watch "m2ts" files. Does anyone know which file for "I Am Legend" is the theatrical verses alternate version? 00000.m2ts and 00006.m2ts are the two choices. Also, any idea how different the versions are?
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    I can't play the m2ts files from the decrypted iso - nero gives errors, and powerdvd 3730a just shows random colorful graphics.

    I know the ending is different, but i don't know if anything else is. I've only watched the non-theatrical version. But I was wondering if anything but the ending is different - I've been wondering if I should bother watching the theatrical release.

    I could tell you the ending, then you could just open one of them up and go to the end and see.

    EDIT: sound works on the m2ts files in powerdvd ... 0006.m2ts is the non-theatrical version
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    The whole movie sucks. Hate to telly ya. I wouldnt waste my time. I wanted to LOVE it, but jsut couldnt. Visually cool... Movie = MAJOR letdown
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    Well Done B4

    My boss lent me his copy of I M L, not a bad movie but for period pieces you should look at Vincent Prices "The Last Man on Earth" orCharlton Heston's "The Omega Man".
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    There was a whole controversy about the ending. The theatrical ending was seen as a wishy-washy, feel-(kinda)good, and mystical goddidit kinda thing where the character finally "converts" which we have seen in a thousand movies before. But the transgression was not really that for me (though I don't like those kind of endings anyway) but the ending just felt as something taped over at the last minute without holding to the rest of the movie. The alternate version was better received in general, and I agree. Both endings change the movie vastly in different directions (but as I understand, they don't really touch on the subject of the title "I am Legend", with the theatrical version being worse in that regard.)
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    I'll have to watch the theatrical release at some point. Though I didn't care much for the movie, though I did enjoy it a little - seeing the theatrical ending wouldn't change much of anything for me.
    Though the alternate ending didn't make me think of the goddidit thing - the invected humans weren't portrayed as a new or changed species - they were a Dawn of the Dead horror creature. To me it was horror, and not Sci-Fi - I'm a sci-fi geek, and that ain't sci-fi. For instance, why would the converted dogs target the humans but be pets of the infected humans? That irked me. And why weren't the other animals (other than pigeons) converted? I suppose they were, but we just didn't see them because he didn't go out much at night?

    Also, the ending didn't make me think that Will finally "converts"? (converts how? as in "no longer wants to kill or cure the infected, but sees them as a new species?"

    I suppose it didn't make me think at all ... it was purely horror movie entertainment.
    I suppose I enjoyed it about as much as I enjoyed Omega Man (which I have on hd as well).
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    No no no... read my message again. When I said that I was talking about the theatrical release, not the alternate one. The alternate one is just OK, the theatrical one is the wishy-washy one which doesn't make sense at all. I was also wondering about the dogs, but hearing what others who have read the book say, it's a bit more understandable, and it also touches on the reason for the "I am Legend" title.
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    Yeah, I see I misread.

    Also, there are so many inherent problems with movies from books - like the book can make you believe anything, or at least provide plausible scenarios/explanations/whatever. I know a lot of people don't like reading the book and then watching the movie, but I actually love that. I don't even care if it is my favorite book and they decimate the movie - because I still believe in the book, and the movie just adds some visual to it (and I can simply ignore anything in the movie that strays or disagrees with the book - I just chalk that up to hollywood).

    EDIT: and you keep mentioning that title. The title is great - just the imagery and ideas that this invokes in my head is more that anything I got from the movie. It makes me want to read the book. I haven't mentioned the title though because nothing in the movie seems to connect to that title in any way, shape, or form. ;)
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    I just saw I, Robot. Though a little too cheesy in some parts and a bit more at the end, that's probably the movie you're looking for, if you haven't seen it. It is OK sci-fi. It could have been more subtle in some cases, but hey, they can't all be Kubrick.
  10. Humpa

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    I've seen I, Robot. Is that on Blu-Ray?
    Now that is sci-fi - some classic Asimov. ;)
    Those books I read, back in my hard sci-fi days. I also have the Alan Parsons cd. :D

    Though before I watch it again, I need to re-read at least one of his robot books - because the movie left me wondering what the heck really happened, because very little in the movie brought back any memories of what I liked about the books (it's probably been close to 20yrs since I've read the books).

    EDIT: and, again, a great name

    EDIT2: hmmm ... why don't I have I, Robot on BD? I just ordered it though - problem corrected. ;)
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    The bluray version is great all-around for the high-def treatment. Great video transfer and great sound. Good enough movie too.
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    I had a problem with this film. It ripped and plays fine with 3319a or showtime but when I play the tsremuxed file the truehd audio file crashes both players but if I use the DD audio track it plays fine