"I Am Legend" video jitters

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    first of all let me say hello to everyone. i am new to this forum. i am having a problem. i was able to decrypt i am legend. i opened power dvd 7 and select the source "open media files" and play the files from the stream folder. when powerdvd plays the movie the video jitters but the audio is fine. my computer has 3 gig of ram and i have a visiontek ati radeon hd2600 pro video card. am i doing something wrong. any suggestions would be appreciated.
  2. hlkc

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    Few questions, what version PDVD? 3319a?
    Did you try to play the movie using "Open movies from the HDD" instead of "open media files"?
    How did you rip the disk? AnyDVD? How do you know you were decrypt the BD correctly?

    Your hardware looks fine, I used to have the same GC before I swapped out a 3650...
  3. SamuriHL

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    I don't recommend playing from a hard drive folder. I would convert your folder to an ISO and mount it using Virtual CloneDrive or Daemon Tools. See my signature for a guide on how to convert your folder rip to an ISO.
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    I can't recommend more about SamuriHL ISO back up method. Take his advice, take the I am Legend out and re-rip it using his method.
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    thank you guys. i appreciate the input. i will try changing to iso
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    I can say I also had the same problem with 'I Am Legend'. I didn't actually try burning it, but playback on my computer was choppy.