i am a little confused about meda types..

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    Ok.. so i am new at this. and i dont understand the diference between dvd -r dvd+r and all the other types... and what about brands... i am using memorex dvd-r's and they work great.. but for how long?? i read that they may go bad in a few months.. i need value so i am looking for a good price.. but i want my backups to last on the long term.. what is a good value and a good brand... ugh.. i know its alot of questions but i hope y'al can help..
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    As far a +R and -R the only real difference is compatability with older players. As far as media type.....I only use and recommend Taiyo Yuden and Verbatim for single layer +R or -R. Verbatim +R for dual layer.
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    Everyone seems to recommend Verbatim. I like sony and Fuji as well. Try to be patient and wait for sales. Whatever you do... Do Not use GQ media from Fry's. It's nothing but problems.
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    whitch one is better? whitch one is compatible with both? where can i get the taiyo Yuden?

    Thank you very much for all the info
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    I use +R Taiyo Yuden mostly. I buy them from an Ebay store called Burnsmart and have always got genuine Taiyo discs. They are alot of fakes out there, so buy from a store or site with a good reputation. If you use +R change your book type to dvd-rom.

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    This (slightly old) article has some good background info.


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    Plus and Dash are just formats. The drives you play your backups on decide which format they like or you will get a displayed message like:
    No disc
    Dirty disc
    Wrong region
    Wrong format
    Illegal disc.

    Encountering any of those messages after inserting your backup into a stand alone player,switch to the opposite format. Make sure it's quality media like Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim. Some players will have problems with lower quality media.

    Most drives may prefer the dash format,the non booktyping drives. But certain drives have bitsetting capability to booktype. These are the booktypers: Benq,Plextor,Lite-on,LG,some NEC,some sony. With these drives,the plus format is way superior because they can be set to Dvd-rom,the most universal of all dvd formats. It actually fools players into thinking that an original dvd-rom format disc has been inserted,making it highly compatable.

    pretzel: Most brand named media outsource their media. This means up to 4-5 different manufacturers can make media for the exact same brand name,format and speed rate.Example:

    Maxell +8x

    +8X MADE IN JAPAN: MAXELL-002-00
    +8x Made in Taiwan Full Hub inkjet printable: Prodisc
    +8x Made in Taiwan: Cmags

    All +8x media,but around 5 different manufacturers and quality will vary. Those Maxell-002-00 are the maxell hitachi and very good media. Prodisc,very poor and PIF errors add up. Cmags,also give people problems. Ritek,prettty decent.

    Memorex,HP,TDK,Fuji,Sony,Staple's,and most other brands do the same thing. You can have Ritek-R03 on some Maxell,Memorex,Fuji,Office Depot,Ridata,all in the +8x speed rating.

    Cmags in some of the Memorex,Maxell,Staples,HP,TDK.

    That's why Ligitimate Taiyo yuden and verbatim are highly advised. But,there's some Fake taiyo yudens out there,so watch where you get them.

    Verbatim: Easy to find locally,On sale this week for $13 a 50 pk at bestbuy,and higher quality standards.

    New Drives: I only get booktyping drives that way I know my backups have a 95%+ shot of playing in any drive that I desire- Stand alone players,pc drives,and game consoles. Plextor PX716A is rated among the finest burners. Same goes for the Benq 1640A and 1650A.They'll burn anything you throw at them.
    These drives are no longer produced,but can be had on Ebay. If you can't find them,get a lite-on. Newegg.com has some great prices on them and usually under $40

    Most of the newer plextors-above the 716 models are rebadges.These are rebadged drives that you pay the extra for the word Plextor on them.

    There's some crap drives out there and they will have a lower stand alone player compatability,weaker burn,more playback issues. They also issue very few firmware updates. Firmware updates are needed so drives know how to handle the newer/faster media that comes out. They can also be fussier on certain media.
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    The PX-760A and the PX-755 are real Plextor drives.
  9. Webslinger

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    Ritek (especially Ritek dvd+R dl) and Ridata tend to be junk.




    "That's a very long and frustrating question to answer. The short answer is I spend a LOT of time working with blank media. I'm a mod on CDRlabs.com, and was previously for CDRinfo.com (probably still am, but don't have the time to visit there anymore). I used to write reviews for CDRLabs until recently (it's a time issue). I work directly with Maxell, Verbatim, Optodisc, and occasionally Ritek, Taiyo Yuden, and Prodisc. I have significant contacts within the industry, and have a significant connection with most of the better media businesses in Canada, like Blankmedia.ca and NCIX.com, and to a lesser extent Anitec and MemoryExpress. I have thousands of discs both rare and common, in spindles in my room, which I test on my collection of just under 20 DVD burners (only 9 active at a time between 2 PCs though), and 1 DVD recorder. I have access to over a hundred different MID codes in my personal collection, and many many MANY more available to me through various sources if I need them.

    Put Simply, Blank media is my life. That's how I know." -- The Digital Dolphin

    He's one of the few people in the online community that burns media on an industrial level.
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    PX 740 and 750 series are the rebadges: Philips/Teac/and Benq-with either philips or matsushita chip sets. Lots of people had to crossflash the PX 740 to the actual Benq 1640 firmware to get best performance.

    The PX755 and 760 have the Sanyo chipsets,which the PX 716A and earlier had. My bad on the higher number drives. I haven't kept up with their latest drives.

    More money for the high quality plextor drives,but well worth it. Their rebadges-lower budget drives,not as fortunant.

    A quality burner will save you a lot of headaches later!!!