I am a bit rusty, can not play bluray iso with anydvd hd

Discussion in 'Third Party Products' started by snobben75, Jul 22, 2018.

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    Many years ago I ripped bluray discs to ISO files. I missed the whole slysoft to redfox thing. I just have not had the time to use my movies.

    I now want to watch my movies again.

    I have a fileserver and a new client computer with good hardware and running windows 10

    I have bought anydvd hd from redfox and I have bought Powerdvd 18. I use Virtual clone drive to mount the movies The thing is i just wont get the movie to play. I get a message form power dvd that i am not connected to internet and so on. please help me out.
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    Not an anydvd problem, moved. Powerdvd likely needs to update it's own aacs keys and can't do that without an internet connection,nothing anydvd can do about that.

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