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    Thank god it passed now, 12 hours without electric was a bummer. But it was a fun roller coaster ride.
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    Tell me about it. I just went through Harvey, so I feel for you.

    Hang in there.

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    They're lucky that they didn't get the worst of the storm, like the people in Puerto Rico did, and where you're at.
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    I lucked out, I'm on 5 acres in the middle of the woods. This house only 2 months old, Can't even see it from the road. But I have trees like 100ft high, None snapped that worried me. Before this house I lived waterfront 5 miles away I gave up living on the water as I sold the boats etc and fishing didn't interest me much anymore. I have seen in the past ppl house roofs come off. That if happens destroys everything you own. I thought about that to, Starting over from scratch would be terrible and I seen pics online what hurricanes can do in Miami even though i'm 350 miles away from there and on the west coast. I didn't put a Generac backup generator in this house but even if I did the hurricane knocked out the cable company but I at least could of watched movies. The electric company said 3 days but I had electric back in 12 hours. Camping gear cooked my breakfast.
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    I live in an upstairs apartment, and luckily for me, I didn't even lose my power or Internet during Harvey.

    The bad news was for 5 days, I couldn't go anywhere, because of all the heavy rains and flooding. I can't imagine what it's like for parents of children (especially young children) going through something like a Hurricane or Tropical Storm. I've been through a bunch of Winter Blizzards and tornadoes growing up the Midwestern US, but a Hurricane or Tropical Storm is another matter altogether.
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    The kids here are happy i'm sure. Schools are closed until the 18th. Yes i'm a transplant here from NY. I don't miss the snow or NY for that matter either. I was going to go to a motel or hotel but all of them gave the ppl back there money. I figure they were afraid if something happened there would be law suits. So I just looked at the 4 walls for about 9 hours. I'm here 23 years and it's the 1st time I seen those storm chaser guys vehicles. You couldn't purchase gas at all everyone sold out. Bottled water you couldn't buy either. When a delivery came in I purchased enough of water for a week. Where i'm at it's well water but I don't drink it even if there wasn't a hurricane. Some ppl drove from here to SC about 500 miles to go to a motel there. I wasn't going to do that even if N. Korea launched a missle.:)
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    Or maybe hit head on by a category 5 in St. Maarten like Redfox1 was.........
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    This is the second time in 2 years that I have been overwhelmed by a hurricane, this time I was lucky and got out a week before it hit, but flood and hurricane insurance in St Maarten is so expensive only the really rich can afford, luckily last year I was helped by a very nice person, I am a senior citizen, this is taking its toll on me.
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    I feel for you, RedFox 1, because even with the crap that's going on in my neck of the woods, and in Florida, I can still do some stuff to get things done, but most people won't be able to endure this disaster stuff forever.
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    All is ok here, No damage to my homes but i'm starving. You can't buy meat of any kind for miles. It's in the 80's and sunshine so unless your a vegetarian your hungry. PPL here took this hurricane like if N. Korea launched a nuke on the U.S. There is no basements or cellars here as the water table is 10ft.
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    In Belleville North Carolina right now and another hurricane is coming. Time to deliver this load and get off the East coast.