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Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by Dravir, Sep 16, 2021.

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  1. Dravir

    Dravir Member

    Are the audio streams for Hulu actually stored on the site as low as they're appearing in AS? It's really weird to see even movies like Gemini Man show up as 68 kbps AAC-SBR Stereo quality.
  2. RedFox 1

    RedFox 1 Super Moderator

    Only one audio stream is available for that movie, the one you see.
  3. Dravir

    Dravir Member

    Nope, I totally understand if there is only one audio stream available for that particular title. I'm speaking more to all the titles that AS is pulling from Hulu as a whole. When you go into any title, movie or show, the bitrate quality seems to be capped at 68 kbps Stereo AAC-SBR. I'm just posing the question of is this actually how the audio is stored on the Hulu server or how AS is re-encoding it.
  4. HAMsmoke

    HAMsmoke Well-Known Member

    There is no higher available from Hulu, at least for now. You are not alone.
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  5. Dravir

    Dravir Member

    Cool, thanks for the validation that it's not just me!
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  6. RedFox 1

    RedFox 1 Super Moderator

    I never even look at bitrates. And I enjoy every movie , I guess it’s a subjective thing, everybody enjoys their film differently

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  7. jbrisbin

    jbrisbin Well-Known Member

    Hulu has been bringing up the rear in audio quality since its inception. For years, they could only claim that a few oi their original series carried 5.1 audio, everything else being stereo.
    As of yesterday (15 Sep 21) they are making some less restrictive claims about their audio quality. See
    This may represent new capabilities or just some tilt of their PR position. They point out that 5.1 equipped programs have a badge on the title page indicating that capability. A survey of movies on my nvidia shield shows quite a few movies now presented by Hulu in 5.1. Just not on the web.
    I found that the display of Hulu on my nvidia shield shows 5.1 and 4K for the show Nine Perfect Strangers, but the web version shows neither. Since AS tends to use the web interfaces to access the services, this suggests that we are stuck with 2.0 audio for now.
    If you find a browser based setup that does better, there might be some hope.
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  8. Dravir

    Dravir Member

    Ah, it seems as this is the culprit. Disney needs to step in and re-vamp the Hulu infrastructure entirely. As to the previous post as to the subjective thing; that's entirely true, but since even iTunes realized after a certain point that music encoded lower than 128 kbps AAC was too low and upped it to 256 kbps AAC, I'd say that there's a strong argument that the codec isn't made to be used at such low bitrates for TV shows and Movies.
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  9. tdfrgsn

    tdfrgsn Well-Known Member

    There are certain people in this forum incapable of acknowledging that AnyStream could possibly be less than perfect in any way. Giving them the benefit of the doubt they are just mistaken, a less charitable interpretation is that they are just lying about better audio quality being available for Hulu because they don't want to acknowledge that AnyStream could be better.

    Yes, there are better quality audio streams available for Hulu, I know this because there is other software out there that will download 5.1 sound at a much higher bitrate. When people say "Only one audio stream is available for that movie, the one you see." or "There is no higher available from Hulu, at least for now. You are not alone." what they actually mean is that AnyStream is only capable of downloading one audio stream and it's the one with terrible audio quality.
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  10. HAMsmoke

    HAMsmoke Well-Known Member

    Yes - that is what I meant. As for people claiming AS is perfect in regards to Hulu, besides the fact that the evidence that it is not is staring them right in the face, I don't see evidence to support that stance. Moderators say it is still useful even with poor audio - it is. And it was never any better in AS. I also see no one, not one developer telling us that what you hear now is the best you're going to get. I can wait, which is very good as we have no choice. I am certain they are trying.
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  11. DQ

    DQ Well-Known Member

    There is just no call for a post like this. Why do you feel the need to disparage others and the product? You claim there is other software that handles the audio better. Yet here you are using AS so clearly you find value in it.

    If you want to improve AS then by all means make some suggestions. Light the forums up with your ideas. But posting negativity, bashing the product and it's users is not only counterproductive but it is uncalled for and unwanted.

    This is just my 2 cents.
  12. RedFox 1

    RedFox 1 Super Moderator

    You know I absolutely agree with your assessment. But other things have to be taken into consideration. You always have to consider the source to which the post came from. Some users are just unhappy with anything you do. We have a 99% approval rating , people buy our program not because it’s the best streaming app downloader, but also because we have the best support on the Internet. Our developers work day and night to make this program best it can possibly be and they do a great job. There are some people that you just can’t satisfy, and that’s OK. There are a few people that post like this and you have to take the good with the bad, Hulu audio is just fine as it is I have watched many movies and series and enjoyed them alot, I am sure you have also. So let’s take posts like this with a grain of salt and move on. I am going to close this thread because it no longer serves any purpose. Thank you all for your input.
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