HTPC issue. Picture goes black on new TV (Solved)

Discussion in 'General Hardware Issues' started by saftsuse, Jul 18, 2020.

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    I'm asking here since there is a few computer wizards on this forum.

    I have an HTPC connected to a Yamaha receiver.
    The receiver has 2 hdmi outputs. One is connected to a TV and the other to a projector.
    Everything has been working fine, until I changed from a Panasonic Plasma TV to a Panasonic LCD.

    Receiver is on both HDMI output (TV and Projector)
    After the initial boot up (Windows 10 home) the picture will go black on my new TV. The boot up meny is showing on the TV, continuing to the windows 10 logo (Looks like low resolution) and then the tv screen goes black.
    Crazy thing is if I turn on the projector, the picture will come back also on the TV. (Full HD resolution)
    If I set the Yamaha receiver to output only to TV, the picture will go away. If I turn it back to output to both projector and TV, the picture is back on the TV. ( The projector has to be turned on)

    What can this weird problem be?

    Any suggestion on what I can try? Is this an another stupid HDCP problem?

  2. SamuriHL

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    That sounds very much like a windows 10 issue. It seems to be getting confused somehow. As if it thinks it's on dual monitors and one of them is off. No idea how to fix it but windows is very likely to be the issue here.

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  3. DigitalJunkie

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    I don't use Windows 10, but maybe it's Windows 10 & display driver not compatible. I wonder has he/she check for display driver update?
  4. saftsuse

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    After some intensive googeling, I found out it was most likely an HDCP issue. Where the screen goes black when there is no handshake. So I think that after the initial boot in low resolution, the screen went black when Win10 started up in 1920x1080 HD and had no handshake with the new TV.
    I wish it could at least show a warning that there was no handshake. That would have saved me a lot of trouble and a couple of days of installing and repairing.
    This was solved by buying a cheap HDMI 1 to 2 splitter. So now it Works :). I just hope that I'm allowed to watch my Blu-rays in HD and With HD sound. That has yet to be determined.
    HDCP - never stopped any copyright piracy, but really makes People turn to piracy after all the trouble it makes.

    Only problem is that I thought my Windows was broken, so I tried the different repair options that Win was showing.
    Ended up with two new different users with unknown password and original user profile gone.
    Tried to reset to last recovery or something. Of course it only ended up in an error msg.
    I wonder if anyone has ever had any luck trying to repair Windows. This is the fourth win machine that I have had destroyed by Win repair tools.
    I am missing my good ol' Norton Ghost that has saved me quite a few times.

    Now, on to installing all my programs on a fresh new harddrive.....

    Anyway, thanks for any suggestions….

  5. SamuriHL

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    I hate those kinds of issues. That's why I have my HD Fury Integral 2. It puts an end to most of that nonsense.