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HTML Help?


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Feb 17, 2007
Does anyone know a software tool that can force directory displays of web pages? I need one for windows and one for Linux.
I want to force pages to display like this:
Almost every webserver (Apache, IIS, etc) has build in functions to show content of directories.

Due to security reasons, directory listing is disabled by default in Apache. To allow directory listing, you must create a file '.htaccess' in the appropriate directory with at least this entry: 'Options +Indexes'.
If this don't help, you have not the right to handle htaccess files. In this case you have to change the httpd.conf.

More infos about htaccess can be found e.g. at
Not what I meant

When I access the internet from my phone, I can get connections from 33Mbs to as low as 26kb in some places. I was looking to not have to sit around and wait for 15Mb of flash videos and advertisements to load up on every page. If I could just go to a site and load a directory up, I could quickly scan through the file-system and go directly to the latest pages to see the new messages. Would make reading my newspaper subscription much easier.