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Discussion in 'CloneDVD mobile' started by tkares, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. tkares

    tkares New Member

    Is this phone supported? If not; on the opening screen were it says "Were do you want to copy today?" which devise profile should I use?


  2. mikey717

    mikey717 New Member

    For my AT&T Tilt (TYTN II, kaiser, whatever) I use Windows Mobile Smartphone. Works perfectly. I generally use 2 passes at 35%. Make sure to set your display size correctly (320x240) and all should be well.
  3. loub555

    loub555 Member

    I also have an HTC Touch. I tried that one and it didn't work. According to the specs it should play an AVI but it didn't. I'll keep trying different ones and see how they do.
  4. al60702

    al60702 New Member

    Have htc touch and got it to work

    Use "generic WMV/WMA (experimental)" and then play them with the windows media player. Works fine.
  5. Claws61821

    Claws61821 Member

    Exactly what model Touch and software version (assuming manual customer update; no experience with HTC) do you have?
  6. Clutchplate

    Clutchplate New Member

    I have the HTC Touch Diamond from Sprint and none of the profiles I've tried work, Windows Media Player (on the phone) always says it can't play the file. I've tried the Generic WMV, the Windows Smartphone and the MPG2 profiles, but none of them play.
    And I can't get the 2 pass encoding to function at all, it fails after the beginning of the second pass...

    Can anyone help?

    - Lutz
  7. fmcigyp

    fmcigyp New Member

    For my touch HD I use following in device.ini
    [Touch HD]
  8. texasduffer

    texasduffer New Member

    HTC Fuze...

    The HTC Fuze I just ordered has a VGA screen display of 640x480 and the Touch Pro should have the same. You might try burning the Windows Mobile Smartphone with that display size and see what happens.

    I've had good luck burning my DVDs with CDVDM on my Creative Zen and my LG Vu in the past. I hope there's a setting that will work as well on my Fuze when I get it....
  9. Ken73

    Ken73 New Member

    This worked like a champ on my HTC Touch Pro! As a note though, there's a space between in the "lavacopts" line that generated an error, but once I took that space out, it worked like a charm and I was able to create an MP4 file of my movie and put it on my phone. Now I've got something to watch on the plane ride home!

    Now maybe I can rip all my Dr. Who and put it on my phone to watch on the plane rides... :rock:
  10. profcolli

    profcolli Well-Known Member

    That is why profile suggestions need to be put in code tags - to avoid those spaces when cut and pasting. Enjoy your Tardis trips ;)