How's the quality of your white inkjet printable TYs?

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  1. MMM

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    Hi everyone,
    Just wanted to know how everyone's printable TYs are doing...
    SPECIFICALLY, the inkjet printable DVD-R TYs. And did you buy the 8x or 16x ones? Any degradation? What's your coaster to non-coaster ratio so far?

    I'm also wondering which are better, if I only plan to burn at 8x speed? 8x or 16x DVD-Rs?
    The reason I ask is that the last time I bought inkjet printable DVD-R 8x TYs, 4/10 of them degraded and would NOT play/did not even show up on my computer after 4 months.:doh: I'm thinking I just got a bad batch or something.

    Just making sure with this thread, before I buy new media.

    Thanks for reading this:agree:
    P.S. ALL my silver topped 8x TYs are still good after a little over a year:agree:

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  2. MMM

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    And what's the difference between the "Value Line" and the "Premium Line" TYs? :confused:
  3. G-Omaha

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    I have not had a problem with this media. From my experience the only difference between the "Value Line" and the "Premium" products is that the Premium one tend to have much less defects in the preparation of the printable surface. These defects, would not be desired by the professional; however, for the casual "Home Use", are fine. The "discard" rates for both of these media are about the same (normally a failure caused by something other than the media itself). I tend to use the 8x Value Line as the "main stay" and then revert to the 16x Premium and "Glossy/Waterproof" media for the professional work for those that demand the extra quality.

    You can get the 8x Value Line for about $198 be case (600 DVDs) - shipping costs included ( or and often will receive the 16x TY03 rather than the 8x TY02 Media; however, there are no guarentees. Sometimes you get them and other times you don't. Doesn't much matter as I normally burn at 8x because that provides (IMHO) the lowest error ratios on the final recorded disc. The TY03 tends to provide a lower error ratio; however, not by very much.
  4. ivandavis

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    I have used both TY02 and TY03 purchased from Newegg, printed on
    Epson R320 and R1800 printers.
    They both look great and function perfectly.
    The discs printed on the R1800 look as good as the original including nice crisp text and a nice semi-gloss finish.
    I love my R1800!
    The discs I use are also printable from edge to edge which I really like.
  5. saugmon

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    I'm using shiny inkjet printable Ty-G03 and they are some very fine discs. These are the -8x. I usually use plus format for booktyping purposes,but these shiny tys are a lot more $$$$ as apposed to the dash format.

    Verbatim also puts out some quality inkjet printable media. The white full hubs are easy to find locally at best buy,office max,office depot.

    I can't leave out another awesome full hub inkjet printable media-8x Maxell.
    With maxell,you gotta look for Made in Japan on the outer shrink wrappers for the Hitachi's. Some of these are made in taiwan and avoid them. Walmart,Office Depot are a couple of stores that have them.

    When my supply of maxell and shiny tys run out,then I'm sticking with Full hub shiny and white/glossy full hubs. Full hubs allow more surface to be printed,as apposed to reg hubs.

    Value Line vs Premium Line?

    Price difference and the value line will come shrink wrapped while the Premium Line comes in a plastic tub/cake box. I've used many Ty-g02 that were shrink wrapped and they were very good.If getting shrink wrapped,just look at the dye side of the disc for any scratches on the outside. If you find any,reduce the backup target so it keeps the burn from reaching those scratches. A pack may have a couple of those scratches,depending if Fed Ex plays hacky sack with them, LOL

    There is a quality difference between the Taiyo Yuden you purchase in Japan and the Taiyo yuden they ship out of Japan.They tend to export their 2nd rate media,according to their standards.
    Nothing major,still very good media.
  6. TPLAT

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    From what I read in the past the difference between the Value Line and the Premium Line is that the Value Line doesnt meet their high standards and therefore is sold as Value Line media and the media they produce that does meet their high standards is sold as Premium Line media, when I read this it made no mention of printable media or printable surface. I do know a few members on another forum who said they had some burning problems with the Value Line media and had none with the Premium Line media, as for the little difference in price I would just buy their Premium line.
  7. G-Omaha

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    Agree - Take for instance this week, they are both the same price at When this happens (and I need some), I tend to buy the premiums.