How to use ReClock with PowerDVD 3319a

Discussion in 'ReClock' started by James, Mar 11, 2008.

  1. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    ReClock doesn't work with PowerDVD 3319a, which is unfortunate as this is my favorite version (and probably the version most people use here).

    The problem lies in the 000.fcl file. If you happen to have a dual install of PowerDVD 3319a and 3730, just copy 000.fcl from 3370 to the 3319a directory and reboot.

    Problem solved.

    For those, who don't have a dual install, I attach the file in question.

    I'll do more "file exchange" experiments if I have the time, like using codecs from 3370 with the 3319a UI.

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  2. Tony1M

    Tony1M Well-Known Member

    ReClock wouldn't by any chance now work in Vista, would it (hint, hint)?:D
  3. LINUS

    LINUS Beta Tester

    THanks, that is really helpful....

    Could you please also mention what the advantage of 3319 vs. 3104 is?
    I normally use 3104 with everything that does not work with the newest version.

  4. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    3319a (not 3319!) works with some Java titles which previous versions didn't play. Close Encounters of the Third Kind is an example.

    BTW, I noticed, that the HD DVD picture quality is much better with some discs in 3319a compared to 3730 (Red Dragon looks really ugly with 3730, like deinterlace jaggies). Maybe a problem specific to my setup, but 3319a plays it fantastically. Sigh. Haven't tried older versions (3104) with Red Dragon.
  5. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    No, it doesn't. It might work when using XP drivers (instead of VISTA drivers) for the soundcard, but I haven't tried.
  6. iceman3099

    iceman3099 Member

    James, you are a genius. :bowdown:
    Thanks very much for the tip.
    Before I was forced to have a triple boot 3104/3319a/3730 ( I prefer a multi-boot to a dual install ), now I only need a dual boot 3319a/3730.

    I have just tested it, Reclock is now working on 3319a, wonderful :clap:
  7. sewe

    sewe Member

    I can´t get it to work:bang:
  8. Rudi77

    Rudi77 New Member

    It worked for me to but now I have the problem that when Reclock starts that only BlueRays are working, no Sound with HDDVD :bang:
    When I disable Reclock everything works, I tried the Reclock Versions 1.7a and 1.6
  9. Rudi77

    Rudi77 New Member

    I have tried it again yesterday
    I installed a hole new windows just to make sure!
    After I have installed then Powerdvd7.3 3319a everything works,
    BlueRay and HD-DVD
    Ater I installed Reclock it is all over! When the options are set hopefully correct in Reclock/Powerdvd at least all BlueRays are giving out sound and Reclock is startet to, so everything perfect. I use analog output so in Powerdvd I set the Soundoption to 6-Channel.

    But again, HD-DVD will not give out any sound when reclock is started.
    When I disable the option in Reclock "use Reclock as default device..." then I get the correct sound but Reclock is not on :bang:
    The option in Reclock "use for Powerdvd" seems to have to function on my system.

    What is so different in the Playback BlueRay and HD-DVD with Reclock?
    It is so frustrating now, so many hours just for the toilet

    Powerdvd 2911 doesn´t have any problem with sound and Reclock so it has to be an error in 3319a I think.
  10. hlkc

    hlkc Well-Known Member

    sorry a 101 question... what is ReClock? What is that going to do when playing a BD from 3319a?
  11. ashlar

    ashlar Well-Known Member

    ReClock is a sound renderer that gets used instead of the standard DirectSound or WaveOut one.

    What it does is look at your video framerate, look at your monitor refresh rate and try to adapt one to the other, while at the same time resampling the audio to a correct frequence, so as to give perfectly judder free playback.
  12. Rudi77

    Rudi77 New Member

    That is right, but I don´t understand why in this Powerdvd Version only BlueRay works with sound and HD-DVDs not.
    I did check it on 3-Windows XPs, one of them like I said complete new installed and the effect is always the same, when I activate Reclock as default renderer than Powerdvd 3319a strikes with sound on HDDVD :bang:
  13. ClockWork

    ClockWork New Member

    Wow thx :) you're awesome