How to use any different country?

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    Hi there!
    I'm using Anystream for some time now. I would like to access Primevideo Canada, but in the regions, I can only choose between the countries you chose, and "other". "Other" always redirects me to the country I'm in, but even with VPN it won't change to the country I want (Canada, Brazil, Singapore...). Is it intended to limit ourselves to these countries, or is there a way to access these Primevideo countries?
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    It works just fine but you need to do it correctly.

    For example, I'm in Belgium which also requires the 'other' region. I'm also subscribed to US. The correct procedure is:

    * AnyStream starts in 'other'
    * Change region to US, and EXIT ANYSTREAM!
    * Launch VPN and pick a US server, you'll have to ask your vpn provider which ones they recommend for streaming
    * Restart AnyStream, which will now load the US prime

    If you then want to access your normal prime again, you'll need to repeat the process but set the region back to other!

    NOTE: you must have a valid subscription in the foreign (US for example) region too! Your normal subscription WILL NOT WORK on the us if you're in brazil for example by default.

    NOTE: ANY country that falls under 'other' won't work when trying to access us that countries 'prime'. For example trying to access prime Mexico, while connected with a vpn will trigger the 'vpn used' message if your in brazil.

    I tried myself to access AMAZON NL from Belgium, with vpn connected to an NL server and it didn't work.

    IMPORTANT: The vpn needs to REMAIN ACTIVE as long as you're accessing the foreign region. Enabling the vpn to access the other region, and then disconnect it before or during downloading WILL trigger the 'VPN IN USE' message from Amazon.

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