How to turn off subtitles or remove them?

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  1. jdohn2002

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    I backed up Superman Returns HD DVD to my hard drive. It plays back fine with powerdvd ultra 7.3 except I can't turn off the subtitles. I can only switch between english, french, or spanish. I have backed up several other HD DVD movies with no such problems with the subtitles. Does anyone know how I can turn off subtitles or remove them? Also, not a big deal, but I have no menus on my backup of superman returns. I did not check the box for "Remove all menus from HD DVD". Any ideas?
  2. wdgoldstein

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    Known Issue

    This is a known issue with Superman returns and PowerDVD. 7.3 removed the subs for me but menus are still not available either with or without AnyDVD/HD
  3. bluhd22

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    Yes, its a very easy fix. You need to open the ADV_OBJ folder, find the XPL file, open it with wordpad , find any thing that looks like this:

    <SubtitleTrack track="1" langcode="en:01" description="English SDH"/>
    <SubtitleTrack track="2" langcode="es:01"/>
    <SubtitleTrack track="3" langcode="fr:01"/>
    <SubtitleTrack track="4" langcode="es:01" selectable="true" />
    <SubtitleTrack track="5" langcode="fr:01" selectable="true" />

    and just delete it, and save. there should at least 3 areas that look like the above. I also suggest you make a back up of the original XPL file just in case something gets deleted that was not supposed to.

    I have done the above and it does work . The sub-titles on my Superman Returns ( HD-DVD ) are gone and it plays fine.

    I hope this helps.
  4. Well, I'm glad there is a way to turn off these subtitles...I guess the problem is with Cyberlink and their crappy software. What about just having subtitles on when you want them? Like in Babel. A lot of the movie is in another language other than English but I cannot seem to get it to show subtitles just when English is NOT spoken. They are either on all the time or never. Any ideas?

    Another question: Is it normal for you to see the title/chapter change info briefly displayed at the top right of the screen every time you get to a new chapter? How do I turn that off?
  5. f.topia

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    closed gone!

    After using AnyDvd HD, I would like to remove the closed caption/subtitles also. PowerDvd Ultra does not give me the option to shut it off. I don't think it's subtitles as it has descriptions of sounds also. Does anyone how to do this? Appreciate any help.
  6. deandob

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    Can't remove subtitles

    I've tried bluhd22's method to remove subtitles using PDVD 6.5 in the XPL file but the subtitles remain for both movies played from disk or hard disk. Is the XPL subtitle hack only available on 7.x? I prefer the visual quality of 6.5 over 7.x so would prefer to stick to 6.5 if possible, but the subtitles are very annoying.

    What would be nice is AnyDVD option to remove subtitles that automatically edits the appropriate XML - this would make it easier for the end user and consistent with the other features of AnyDVD.

    Any help appreciated.

  7. roog

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    I went through this same problem myself. Thank's to Faye's help, I was able to comment out the subtitle entries in the .XPL file by adding the exclamation point as follows:

    <!-- like this -->

    You don't have to go through all this pain with the Blu-ray version.
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  8. ibglowin

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    If the subtitles are still being displayed then you didn't do something right. You must have missed some of them or edited the wrong ones. I have done this on all my back ups and I use PDVD 6.5 as well as 7.1 and I have zero subtitle problems

  9. deandob

    deandob Active Member

    Thanks guys. I'll give it another try. I didn't replace the XML subtitle entries with something like <!-- xxxx --> I just deleted them.

    Would still be nice if AnyDVD had this feature as a setting to avoid having to edit the XML every time you want to watch a movie!

  10. Faye

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    I would definitely support the request for a "Remove Subtitles" option in AnyDVD HD.

  11. HD43

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    How about it, James?
  12. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    With HD DVD you can easily do it yourself using AnyDVD HD's "magic file replacement(tm)".
  13. HD43

    HD43 Well-Known Member

    Do share with us please, James.
  14. flicker

    flicker Active Member

    I have no idea how to write xpl code. Perhaps AnyDVD could remove subtitles automatically for HD like it does for DVD.
  15. Tanquen

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    What if you are using ISO files? Some HD-DVD movies copied to ISOs have no title or main menu for some reason and all have the titles stuck on. I can only cycle through them. If the movie has the HD-DVD setup menus I can set the subs to off. Why is there no subtitles off setting in PowerDVD when playing HD-DVDs?
  16. Adbear

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    Well it helps if you say which film and which build of powerdvd. I have around 50 HD DVD's and they all play perfectly from disc or harddrive using 7.3 build 3319a. Also some films don't have a main menu, just the one you access whilst the film is playing
  17. Tanquen

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    If I select Title or Root menu nothing happens.