How to tell if WH16NS40 is UHD friendly

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    Just to help some people out, both of these drives are LG WH16NS40s. The one on top does not have hardware SVC code NS50 and is not friendly. The one on the bottom does have SVC code NS50 and is friendly.

    WH16NS40 (Top drive, non friendly)
    Brushed aluminum finish
    Rounded eject hump
    Blu-ray and M-DISC Logo under disc tray

    WH16NS40 SVC code: NS50 (Bottom drive, friendly)
    Cheap plastic finish
    Small eject button
    Blu-ray and M-DISC Logo on disc tray


    The last 2 that I ordered with this Amazon link were friendly.
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    Wrong section moved. Not an AnyDVD problem.

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    Someone said, if I am not mistaken that the drives from the above link are coming with firmware 1.03 now but I might be mistaken
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    At this point it's a gamble ordering any of the LG drives, IMHO. The ASUS drives seem to be taking longer for versions with an updated firmware to be sold but I expect it to began happening soon enough if not already.

    DeUHD has been around for a number of months and now MakeMKV, AnyDVD, and DVDFab support using UHD Friendly drives. There's been an increase in demand for all of these impacted BDXL drives due to all of this and I seriously doubt that has gone unnoticed. :p Some of the drives also are harder to buy because you have to specifically get a certain version of that drive, etc. People who have waited this long pretty much have to accept that the chances are more likely that the drive will come with the latest firmware that blocks the loophole. If you order one of the models that has pre-BDXL versions and BDXL versions then it's even more of a gamble and, frankly, I am not sure why some people focus on those drives so much when there are other drive options. That said, there are ways around the newer firmware if someone is knowledgeable enough and accepts the risks and responsibility of what is involved in downgrading the firmware themselves.
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    I don't see how the CyberLink tool would help. Both drives are BD drives and not UHD. I don't think the tool differentiates older Blu-ray (single & double layer) from BDXL (single, double, triple, and quad layer) reading drives and BDXL is not a UHD drive so either a pre-BDXL model or the BDXL model will still fail the test for UHD compatibility.
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    You guys probably understand it better than I. I posted it because I thought it might be useful to your situation. The test runs to see if your existing BD drive can handle UHD :)
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    OK, just read the rules. I should have done that first. Let me make it clear that I am a UHD collector first and foremost. I have purchased and own at least 100 titles. I do believe in the concept of backing up these titles to the hard drive because the UHD blu ray disc format, in my opinion, is extremely fragile and at times it seems like you can breath on a disc wrong and then have it error out on you.

    I'm happy to share my knowledge on how to identify friendly WH16NS40s. That is all.
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    There's no such section on these forums, and you're not going to make any posts to sell the drives on these forums either. This isn't a webshop
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    I just ordered Wh16ns40 from amazon. I'll let you know what I get as far as svc code and firmware. if it comes with 1.03 firmware, i'll downgrade it
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    hello, my drive have 1.01 firmware. Need to upgrade to 1.02 to backup my uhd disks?
    If yes, could indicate a tutorial how to do it?
  12. jonghotti

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    What model drive to you have? If it is indeed a WH16NS40 with a service code of NS50 on it (refer to the sticker on the unit) then 1.01 firmware should be fine to use for UHD 4k blu ray backup. If you post a picture of the information contained on the white sticker we can tell you if it's the right stuff.
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    Unfortunately, my drive is the one above in the photo on post 1