how to tell a quality backup without watching?

Discussion in 'CloneDVD' started by Bobby4, Nov 1, 2007.

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    I hope this isnt a silly question, but I've searched all over the forums. alot of times, I dont have time to check the quality of the backup copy by watching the whole thing(or I make a few copies and cant watch them all). I had thought that cdspeed did this, but just today i watched one that was very blocky/pixelated and skipped a bit, but cdspeed showed 100% good. so now its clear that that program only checks the original, for im guessing scratches and whatnot. and also clonedvd2 says successful. So My question is this: Is there a program that can check the quality of a backup copy for you? or does anyone have any quick methods to share?

    I will be trying a slower burn speed to help the problem, of course. i currently do it at 12X on 16X burner and 16X verbatim (mit) media.(its a sony dru-830a and others have had similar problems, where if you dont let it cool down between burns then the copies get worse and worse.) TY's on the way may help too. oh yeah, thank you everyone for all the info in this forum :bowdown: it has been extremely helpful!
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    Well, the problem with using cdspeed testing on your backups is that you're not using your computer to watch your backups, are you? You're using your standalone dvd player. And while the media you're using may be compatible in your computer--it may not necessarily be compatible with your standalone dvd player. That is, your standalone dvd player may simply not like your choice of blank media.

    This may be the problem, and if I had something like that happening to me, I would get a new burner, pronto.