How to "shrink" a Blu-ray-movie to fit on a 25gb-blu-ray-disc ?

Discussion in 'Third Party Products' started by kulmagen, Feb 21, 2008.

  1. kulmagen

    kulmagen New Member

    Try to "shrink" the movie "300" to a 25-gb-bluray disc.
    The image of the original-disc is 33gb
    Any good tips ? :rock:
  2. newgen2005

    newgen2005 Well-Known Member

    33gb wow, saying that Spiderman 3 movie only was 32gb if I rembember right!!! I take it you have removed unwanted audio and subtitles etc!!!!
  3. bigdog1002

    bigdog1002 Member

    use TsRemux (or similar) to remove the audio streams and subtitles that you don't need/want. Remux to Blu-Ray and burn to BD-R using a program that supports UDF 2.50 (ImgBurn or Nero 8 are typical choices). If the result is less than 25 GB then you're good to go with one BD-R. If not you may need to split it onto 2 discs (a BD-R and a DL DVD-R most likely.. so you can keep full resolution)
  4. Adbear

    Adbear Well-Known Member

    You'll probably find it needs to be nearer 23GB than 25GB to fit on a disc
  5. steveg32

    steveg32 Member

    How do I split it onto 2 discs (a BD-RE and a BD5 or BD9)?
  6. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL & Mod

    Everythin asked here can be done by BD-Rebuilder. From shrinking a complete BD50 disc to a BD25, remove unwanted audio, subs, and to recode into BD5-or BD5. Just google BD-Rebuilder
  7. jhkilroy

    jhkilroy Well-Known Member

    You can use CLOWNBD to pull the main movie and pick 1 audio stream and if that still does not bring it down enough you will need to use BD Rebuilder.
    You can also use dvd fab as well after you rip the movie with anydvdhd or on its own.
  8. fast eddie

    fast eddie Well-Known Member

    AnyDVD HD
    Clown_BD (1st choice) or TSMUXER (2nd choice) or BD Rebuilder (3rd choice)

    BD Rebuilder to compress down to BD5 or BD9 or BD25 on one disk

    Clown_BD no compression and split by chapters to one or more disks on BD5 or BD9 or BD25 or BD50 any combination

    TSMUXER no compression and split by disk size on one or more disks on BD5 or BD9 or BD25 or BD50 any combination

    Advanced users could use Blurip and create an MKV file on the hard drive and build from there. Blurip requires quite a few other software programs to function and to establish paths to them.
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  9. DukeOfUrl

    DukeOfUrl Well-Known Member

    Unless you can remove audio & subs to get to <25Gb for burning to BD25, I don't recommend re-encoding the video at all. It is so grainy it would be very difficult to do it perfectly I think.
  10. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL & Mod

    Then i strongly doubt you've used BD-Rebuilder yet. It can strip audio and subs, recode an entire BD50 with a full disc backup (except the audio/subs you deselected) to a BD25 at virtually NO quality loss, atleast i havent seen any and backed up about 20bds with it and couldnt see a difference with the original.
  11. kevorama

    kevorama Member

    BD Rebuilder Error

    Ch3vr0n, I used BD Rebuilder to shrink down a movie that was originally 42g (Ripped using AnyDVD HD) and it stored the rebuilt file at 23G. When I clicked on it to view it, the sound is there but the picture is jagged, jerky and otherwise not viewable. Any ideas where I might be having issues?
    I'm using the latest tech: Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit, New Plextor PX-B940SA, Nero 8 not 9 and I uninstalled Cyberlink's Instantburn.
    The ripped file at 42G plays great on my computer, just not the rebuilt one.
    Thanks in advance.
  12. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL & Mod

    Well i havent had a problem like that on my recodes. Though i don't use nero to burn. I let BDRB use IMGBurn. Works like a charm. I'm not the author of BDRB though, wish i was ^^

    You're probably best of posting your issue in the BDRB debug thread over at Doom9, the home of BDRB

    could be your standalone player, could be anything. I suggest you try over there :)
  13. Jello

    Jello Member

    I'm on my second disc, Sherlock Holmes and my first was New Moon. I used BD Rebuilder on both. My first worked out great, but Sherlock Holmes took a couple tries as I didn't have it setup I didn't read. Check out Ch3vr0n's post and the link at Doom9. Make sure you carefully read the first post and use Inspect.exe from the BD Rebuilder folder to check that you have everything installed properly. Anyway I ended up with a main movie only with HD sound and plays perfectly when burn't on a (imation brand) BD-R 25 on my PS3 and my other Blu-ray players. I no longer have to sit through the BS intros (the movie starts right up) and there is no perceived loss in quality.

    (Took about 3 hours)
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  14. jhkilroy

    jhkilroy Well-Known Member

    When using BDRebuilder you must use specific versions of support files , run the program ' inspect ' that comes with it and make sure every setting says ' ok ' or you can get problems.
  15. kevorama

    kevorama Member

    You're right, jhkilroy. I used the 'Inspect' program and there were a lot of things that were not set correctly. I'm using a Corsair 128G SSD for my main programs and don't want to rip my movies to that drive. I uninstalled all conversion programs from C: and installed them to the X86 Programs folder on one of my Terabyte HDD's. After actually reading the 'Read Me' with BD Rebuilder I was able to download the correct versions of everything and managed to get the 'Inspect' to see it all as OK. Although, ti said that two of my items were not current or acceptable even though they are the latest versions.
    Still, it took my Transformers from 42G down to about 21.5G and it looks and sounds great on the computer. I'm hoping now that it will burn fine using imageburn and will play flawlessly on my Blu Ray player on my home theater system.
    Thanks for the help to all who contributed.
  16. kevorama

    kevorama Member

    I guess I'm stuck on stupid with this Blu Ray burning. After many hours of trial and error I finally got a good copy of my movie down to about 22 Gigs.
    It burned off fine to my burner and played beautifully on my computer, but when I put the Verbatim BD-R 25G disc in my Panasonic Blu-Ray player in the living room it said nothing was recorded. Therefore, nothing played. Is it possible that Imageburn can make a disc that is not finalized and will play in the puter but not on a player?
    Please bare with me if what I'm asking seems basic. I try to help out others once I've learned what it was that I have been doing wrong.
    Thanks in advance.
    I'm so frustrated right now.
  17. trussme

    trussme Well-Known Member

    I believe I read somewhere on this forum that ImgBurn had to be set on UDF 2.5 to burn a copy that would play on a stand alone BR player like your Panasonic.
  18. kevorama

    kevorama Member

    You're absolutely correct on that. I did have it set to UDF 2.5 I had the option to go to 2.6 but didn't. I'm updating my Panasonic Player to a newer firmware version and hopefully it will read now. Other than that I'm not sure where I made my mistake. This could get costly trying to get it right, LOL.
  19. Adbear

    Adbear Well-Known Member

    That's why it's always recommended that you buy a BD-RE until you get the hang of things.
  20. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL & Mod

    Well BDRB usually takes care of the IMGBurn settings. my first burn with BDRB & IMGBurn, i didnt change a thing in imgburn. BDRB fired it up, burnt it, and my panasonic DMP-BD60 played it without complaining. There's probably something else wrong. I've burnt a few dozen discs since then, none of em gave any problems