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  1. AcesOfThePacific

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    When is credit card purchasing going to happen? ACH bank to vendor payments?

    I got hit by the artificial trial limitations but I can't even buy the product.

    I'm not going to use bitcoin. The IRS is scrutinizing anything with bitcoin now, it's no longer anonymous (see recent court cases where the government found who owned them), the places you buy them at want all forms of ID like scanned drivers' licenses, and because of fees.
  2. blank

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    So you have to wait (sorry) only staff can fix this.

    Buying anonymous with credit card ?
  3. AcesOfThePacific

    AcesOfThePacific Active Member

    Obviously not anonymous. But Bitcoin vendors and middlemen are difficult to track down in the case of a data breach. The credit card company didn't require a drivers' license. And, bitcoin isn't truly fee-free either... the customer pays it.

    They don't even have a guide to explain it to a novice. The one guide they do have was obsolete some time ago with no replacement.
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  4. blank

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    I know - I bought anydvd with bitcoin when redfox started / didn' t know anything about crypto before. In the end everything worked out. The big players in crypto are trustworthy worldwide ...
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    Moved to the license section. The AnyStream section is reserved for product specific issues only.
  6. Ivan

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    Please try again, we just added cc payment for the US - at least Mastercard should work
  7. AcesOfThePacific

    AcesOfThePacific Active Member

    I'll have to wait for Visa. I so wish there was an alternative to credit cards (that's not the pain of bitcoin).