how to protect your homemade DVDs with this cheap SONY trick

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by odd_function, May 29, 2008.

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    In order for this to work, you will need: the latest version of AnyDVD and CloneDVD2. This is real easy, all you do is in CloneDVD2 when you are on the menu of Select "Volume Label" simply enter: <DVD_VIDEO> then, choose 'Next'. When the burn process is completed the label will be burned on the copy as: <DVD_VIDEO>.. why this label? well the secret is the <> will twart alots of rippers out there like: DVD X Copy will not copy titles with those quotes unless, you use new versions of anyDVD or DVDfa*. Anyone you pass along your homemade DVD to will have to use the newest version of software available to copy the disc. All I know is this, this idea will stomp out alot of outdated rippers/DVD copying software out there. well have fun...:D
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    i got an easier idea.
    don't lend out you backups.