How To Make More Than One Copy Of Dvd

Discussion in 'CloneDVD' started by LT4BLAZER, Feb 7, 2007.


    LT4BLAZER New Member

    I am only able to make one copy at a time, then have to reinsert the original dvd and start from scratch each time. With nero, I was able to choose more than one at a time and usually did 3 and when it finished burning onto one disc, it asked me for the second or third disc. I never had to install the original again. Am I missing somehting on this Clone dvd?
  2. jhkilroy

    jhkilroy Well-Known Member

    The way I make more than one copy is :

    Make a disc like normal
    Eject the disc
    With the drive empty - click " WRITE " again
    Clonedvd will then ask for another disc - no need to re transcode it uses the buffer.
  3. rolling56

    rolling56 Well-Known Member

    I just stick another disc in and wait till the drive recognizes the new disc and then click write.
  4. jhkilroy

    jhkilroy Well-Known Member

    I have done it that way too. I use two drives myself. One internal ide and an external usb drive so as not to confuse myself of what disc is where I let clonedvd prompt me.