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How To Make A Movie To A Format That Will Fit My Creative Zen


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Jan 30, 2007
Ive Already Put The Disc In Went Through The Steps On The Clone Dvd Mobile And Saved The File To My Harddrive And It Is Just In A Folder Doesnt Say That It Is A Different Format And I Tried To Drag The Folder And The Files In The Folder Into Windows Media Player And The Dont Drop At All Nothing Happens At All
can any one answer my thread

trying to put some videos on my sons creative zen need to know how to put them in the right format that the player can read im using clone dvd mobile
What format are they in right now?

just in a regular folder when i try to drag and drop the folder and the contents in the folder it does not happen dvd moble does not ever give me a option to choose a format
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they are just in a regular folder when i go to the folder on my harddrive it has the name of the movie ive tried to drag the whole folder it does not work i tried double clickinf on the folder and it shows me the files inside and i tried to drag each individual file and drop it nothing happens
Clone Dvd Moble Never Gives Me A Option To Choose A Format To Convert To Help Please

Help Please
Why did you make a new thread to tell me this? And I still need to know the format.
How Do You Choose That Option The Last Slide On There Does Not Give Me A Option
The Help Page On Clone Dvd Mobile Is Not Resourcful

Need A Better Under Standing On How To Make The Video Ts Files A Format That My Player Can Understand
Help Need Step By Step On How To Change Video Ts Files To Different Files Using Clone

The files you feed into CloneDVD mobile must be ripped VOBs from a DVD.
I use AnyDVD and DVDshrink to create the VOBS and then feed into CloneDVD.

Sounds like you need to do a bunch more homework/research before just blasting nebulous questions on forums.