How to install and uninstall Toshiba UDF 2.5 drivers in XP

Discussion in 'High Definition Software' started by James, Apr 8, 2008.

  1. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    There is an easy way to "trick" installation of the Toshiba UDF2.5 driver on non Toshiba PCs, so it may be "safer" to download it from Toshiba support website:

    1.) Unpack it.
    2.) Start setup.

    It will tell you, that you cannot install it on your non-Toshiba PC.

    Navigate to your temp directory with explorer. You'll find a directory named like this: {1347D5A6-4FE0-476A-B85F-D0FC91F55EB0}

    Enter it. You'll find two files:
    thdudf.inf and thdudf.sys

    Right click thdudf.inf, select "Install".

    Wait a while. Close the Message Box. Reboot.
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  2. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    First, install Toshiba UDF2.5 (see above).
    If you add the attached registry entry, and you can uninstall it from Add/Remove Programs.

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  3. profcolli

    profcolli Well-Known Member

    Just asking - why would you want to uninstall it? Is there a known problem where this might be necessary? (This doesn't seem to be addressed in the other thread that you posted this info in originally.)
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  4. SamuriHL

    SamuriHL Retired Moderator

    Most people wouldn't. The person asking about an uninstall was simply curious if it COULD be uninstalled in case there was a problem. However, I've never heard of anyone having issues with it.
  5. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    No idea. I wouldn't want to live without it. ;)
    But it is at least comforting that you *can* do it, for whatever reasons you want to. That's what this little registry patch provides.
  6. damnskippy

    damnskippy Well-Known Member

    Should be able to copy thdudf.inf and thdudf.sys to another directory and then close the installer. Then you can do the right click install anytime you want and not mess with the toshiba installer.

    I don't have an XP machine to test this on but I doubt it relies on the toshiba process to do anything other than start the install from the INF. I could be wrong though :)
  7. SamuriHL

    SamuriHL Retired Moderator

    Yes, that works just fine. I just did it on my work machine. :D (I have 0 need for UDF 2.5 on this machine, but, whatever. ;))

    Also, for those having trouble finding it on Toshiba's website:

    Toshiba UDF Driver
  8. Marde

    Marde New Member

    thdudf.inf not found (what the!?)

    UPDATE2: Issue described below now resolved. Error found between chair and keyboard. See last sentence below for issue resolution.

    Hi guys,
    I did just as you instructed, launched the install program, I got the error window that says "can not install on your PC", I left the window open, went to find the thdudf.inf in the WINDOWS\TEMP dir. Could not find it. Did a search on entire C drive, for anything "thdudf", including hidden files/folders... Still no thdudf.*** file to be found. Bummer. Obviously something wrong with me, and/or my XP PC,... any of you guys got any ideas about this hickup I'm having?

    I tried the install twice with same results. I have not done a sys reboot yet, but I will reboot later and try this all over again...

    UPDATE: Same problem after reboot. I will update this post again after attempting this s/w install on my other XP box.

    UPDATE2+: I missed finding the thdudf.inf during my automated search of C drive... somehow <blush>. My error was somewhat due to assuming <grin> that the file would be at the WINDOWS\TEMP dir, but I now see that the TEMP dir is located at C:\Documents and Settings\XXUserNameXX\Local Settings\Temp\{1347D5A6-4FE0-476A-B85F-D0FC91F55EB0}

    My apologies for the goof-up... and many thanks to everyone for your forum contributions... that get many of us off the ground.
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  9. Pagali

    Pagali Active Member

    Thanks for this info, but I'd like to also point out that if your system is set to hide system folders and files (the default with XP I think?), you still won't find even the Local Settings folder, much less the necessary temp folder. :D
  10. MehdiAnis

    MehdiAnis New Member

    Toshiba UDF 2.50 Driver for Windows XP

    Here is the actual driver files. I run WinXpPro 32bit, so this will be a 32bit driver. If you have WindowsXp 32bit, just unzip and right click on the INI file to INSTALL. No more chasing the ghost in the TEMP folder.

    Thanks to OP and other pioneers.

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  11. Pagali

    Pagali Active Member

    That's very helpful, MehdiAnis! Thank you very much.
  12. gt_grad

    gt_grad New Member

    Toshiba UDF2.5 for Windows XP

    I downloaded the WinXp UDF 2.50 from Slysoft forum and after I unziped the file, I found the thdudf.ini and thdudf.sys files. I followed the instruction from the forum to run Set Up application and got an error which said that I can not install it in the non Toshiba machine. I did not close the error message and made a right click to the thdudf.ini file. It gave me an option to Open instead of Install. When click on Open, and the thdudf.ini was opened on Notepad. I closed the file, rebooted the machine and the Windows Explorer stills could not open the files from Blue Ray disc... Not sure what I did wrong here...I have a Windows XP Pro SP3... Any help are welcome..
  13. profcolli

    profcolli Well-Known Member

    There should be an executable file which will install the drivers.
    Try this attached zip file (from Toshiba).

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  14. Sysmic Wave

    Sysmic Wave Member

    Install should be second in the list when you right click on the file...unless SP3 does something to the file properties menu?

    I'm running SP2
  15. tj007s13

    tj007s13 New Member

    I just wanted to post this incase someone else was having the same problems as me.

    I just recently downgraded back to XP Pro from Vista Ultimate. Vista kept crashing and XP was always rock hard stable. That's besides the point. I couldn't even browse my BR Drive, so I found this thread and installed the UDF toshiba driver and worked like a charm at first. I could see all the files and rip them just fine. However if I tried to just watch the movies with or without anydvd running using WinDVD 9 Plus or PowerDVD 8 Ultra, both would provide super choppy playback. I knew it wasn't my computer as I'm on an overclocked quad core. Q6600 @ 3.6Ghz. I uninstalled the original toshiba driver 2.5 and uninstalled both WinDVD 9 Plus and PowerDVD 8 Ultra. I then re-installed WinDVD 9 Plus and playback was 100% perfect, and I could view the disc. Apparently these two pieces of software hated that Toshiba UDF driver and it took me a while to figure out why all the stutter. Maybe this will help someone else ;)
  16. -Neo-aeduardors

    -Neo-aeduardors New Member

    a try this driver.
  17. Chumbo

    Chumbo New Member

    Just something I noticed since I'm one of those who changes his temp file location. You might want to change the included shortcut (TempFolder) to the temp folder so it's safer, i.e., dont' assume c:\documents and settings....

    Windows uses %temp% to point to the user's temp folder which is a safer way to go. Just a thought. ;)
  18. Validator

    Validator Well-Known Member

    Toshiba UDF Reader should not be needed anymore

    So you've got an unistaller for it and I would like to recommend you to use it.

    Here is why:

    Have a look at the key features. And:
    This should come with windows update too. :rock:
  19. Tayvl

    Tayvl New Member

    There's no .ini file in the folder.
  20. profcolli

    profcolli Well-Known Member

    Why uninstall something that works and replace it with something that might not?