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    AnyDVD and cloneDVD seem to be working okay now, though this is all new to me. I'm proceeding by trial and error.

    I really only want to back up short clips fromcommercial, copy-protected DVDs I own.

    I see that I can select a clip in cloneDVD, but I only have coarse control over the start and end points of the clip. I did extract and save a few short clips, for practice, that way.

    Ideally, after I save a clip with cloneDVD, I'd like to open the file with some video editing application, to edit the clip more precisely. Presumably, I'd do this with the ISO file.

    I don't know if any application will edit an ISO file. For that matter, I don't know what application will open and play an ISO file. I tried QuickTime, Windows Media Player and Windows Movie Maker, but none of those would work.

    Or maybe I don't use the ISO format if this is what I want to do?

    Please advise.

    Thanks in advance.

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    CloneDVD2 isn't really the software you want to do this with. The purpose of the software is not for doing this.

    Offhand I can recommend two programs that I have used and liked: VideoReDo Plus & Movavi SplitVideo. With AnyDVD running in the background [as normal] you can access the original DVD from your drive and then select the exact clip you wish to extract and then save it to your HDD.

    If you really want to rip to an ISO on your HDD first then I'd mount it using something like Virtual CloneDrive or Nero ImageDrive.
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    Thanks, DLD.

    What about converting the ISO file created by CloneDVD to another format, which I could then edit. Quicktime format, maybe?

    Are there utilities that will do this? What do you recommend?

    Thanks a bunch.

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    A program like UltraISO, WinRAR or IZArc (freeware) can extract an ISO to a folder on your HDD among other programs. Then you can access the DVD files with either VideoReDo Plus or Movavi SplitVideo. If you haven't already ripped the DVD to an ISO then I'd do what you want straight from the source DVD w/o wasting time and space on your HDD. I really really do not like dealing with QuickTime files, personally. I'd do the editing from the original source and then if you wish to convert to another format you have the option when saving.

    VideoReDo Plus can output to: MPG, MPV, VOB, TS, DVR-MS, REC and TIVO. VideoReDo Plus handles the same file types for input.

    Movavi SplitVideo can output to: AVI (you get to pick which codec to use be if DivX, Xvid, etc), MPEG (you can adjust height & width, bitrate, sound quality, etc), WMV and RM. Movavi SplitVideo also supports the splitting of files that are the following formats to begin with: AVI, MPEG (including VOB of course), MOV, ASF, WMV.

    I'd recommend trying them both and seeing which you prefer. I'm very impressed and happy with both. I registered VideoReDo Plus & Movavi VideoSuite which contains Movavi SplitVideo. I used Movavi EnhanceVideo to enhance the visual quality some old VHS recorded TV shows which had been converted to DVD by removing noise and balancing colours as well as Movavi VideoSplit to fix the not-so-perfect cuts when commercials were removed. You can purchase Movavi SplitVideo by itself, though. :)

    Hope this helps.
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    Hi DLD,

    Thanks one more time!

    I downloaded videReDo Plus, as you suggested. It works, sort of, and I was able to make a great backup clip, but the audio was in the wrong language. This is a commercial DVD with audio and subtitles in three languages, or maybe four.

    One thing I like about CloneDVD is that the interface is easy to underrstand, at least for a noob like me. It gives me easy control over subtitles and audio language.

    Did I make a mistake with videReDo Plus, with the language? I looked at the menu items and stuff, but I didn't see anything about language.

    Will I have better luck with Movavi splitVideo?

    Other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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    On the toolbar at the top go to Tools | Select Stream or Ctrl-Q and select the right audio stream once you've opened the video file you wish to get a clip from. That would work, I'd think, although I've never needed to do this. Experiment a little but I'm pretty sure that'll be the way to get what you want.

    I agree, CloneDVD2 is very very nice for people that have less experience and even great for those people with more experience.

    Try what I mentioned above. I honestly never needed to use that option so it took me a minute to locate it.

    To be honest I really like Movavi SplitVideo because of its simplicity and it also offers a bit more flexibility with supported formats both as input and output. On the other hand VideoReDo Plus is just solid, period, as well as having the Ad-Detective feature. Both have their good points and I use both when I need to. I would try installing both programs since they allow trials and see which you find to work the best for you and your needs. :)